Hl7 training


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The Importance of training in HL7 and Healthcare technology

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Hl7 training

  1. 1. Confidentialwww.hcitconsultant.com
  2. 2. ConfidentialAn Introduction An Institute of Medicine report claims that medical errors kill 44,000to 98,000 patients each year in hospitals of just one country - TheUnited States ! How do we reduce medical errors?  One of the answers is to use software applications in hospitals to lower errors.  Regrettably, each hospital could have its own proprietary software which at most times, does not share patient details with another hospital.  This means that details that could be lifesaving remain restricted to one hospital and are not available at another hospital a patient might visit.  Such lack of information could be life threatening!  We therefore, need to ensure interoperability www.hcitconsultant.com
  3. 3. ConfidentialWhat is HL7 HL7 is The international recognized messaging standard that enables interoperability HL7 enables healthcare applications to share patient information and talk to each other. HL7 is a worldwide leader in interoperability standards. A mature ANSI approved standard, it is more than 20 years old, with members in more than 55 countries around the world. www.hcitconsultant.com
  4. 4. ConfidentialDemand for HL7 enabledapplications There is a large demand for HL7 enabled applications, HL7 implementations and HL7 trained manpower the world over This is especially so in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe, to quote a few. The demand comes from hospitals, Healthcare IT companies, consultants and independent project implementers. www.hcitconsultant.com
  5. 5. ConfidentialAn Individual:How does it impact me? Training in HL7 would be a strong career path for a variety of individuals ranging from doctors, paramedics to analysts to programmers to marketing and sales staff. An International certification in HL7 could lead to an increase in ones pay packet or better job prospects at top IT companies or hospitals. Though most career paths could be long and time consuming an average individual with an eagerness to learn could join a 3 day workshop and become an expert in HL7 This could be followed by taking an internationally recognized HL7 certification exam to become HL7 certified. All this could happen in as less as 2 months! www.hcitconsultant.com
  6. 6. ConfidentialA Corporate:How does this impact us? Building a HL7 trained and certified team would open up a large number of opportunities in the international market to a progressive healthcare IT Company. Further, International HL7 certification of the corporates team and an organizational HL7 membership would do wonders for the image and marketing prospects of the said corporate. And all of this could be accomplished in as less as 2 months and with minimal expenditure. www.hcitconsultant.com
  7. 7. ConfidentialSummary HL7 expertise and certification is mandatory for entities in the Healthcare IT vertical. Get your self/ team trained and certified at the earliest to access opportunities in healthcare IT interoperability We are experts in HL7 consultancy and training. Call us to learn how you too can get on to the fast track - today! www.hcitconsultant.com
  8. 8. ConfidentialContact Details Dr. Lavanian Dorairaj HCit Consultant Email:  ceo@hcitconsultant.com  lavanian@gmail.com Phone: +91 20 32345045 Mobile: +91 9970921266 All images, logos, trademarks and copy rights belong to their respective owners www.hcitconsultant.com