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CE- 2012 is a one day action packed conference focusing on implementing effective commercial strategies that are necessary to increase revenues and profitability in the complex Indian landscape of today.

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Cein2012 one day final

  1. 1. Event at a glance...CE- 2012 is a one day action packed conference Dr. Ajit Dangi- (Former Directorfocusing on implementing effective commercial General of OPPI), President andstrategies that are necessary to increase revenues CEO of Danssen Consultingand profitability in the complex Indian landscapeof today.‘Pharmaceuticals in India’ is a never ending discus- Deep Bhandari– GM Sales & Marketing Service Organization ( Commercial n Effectiveness i 012sion over its growth potential, opportunities, MSO) at Novartis India Limitedstrengths and how your organization can capitalizeon them. At the same time, it is essential to know 2 harma (India)what obstacles you will face while doing so. P Anindya Chowdhary - Sr Di- rector, Head - Consumer Health-At CE- 2012 we will aim at covering most of the care Business - India at Sanoficrucial topics that are timely today!Highlights: S. Vardarajan - Associate Di- Dr. Ajit Dangi will share his model on com- rector– Head of Commercial Ex- cellence and PMO at Merck The only conference on mercial excellence– DIVA (Differentiation, Innovation and Value Addition) commercial excellence! An exclusive panel to discuss commercial Amlesh Ranjan - excellence KPIs to be considered as key Associate Director at D ate : Au gu s t 4 th , growth drivers Sanofi Explore the new role of an FLM T im e : 8 :3 0 am to Learn about the increasingly popular Key 5 :3 0 p m Account Management and how it works Manoj Kumar - Head, Market- ing, Global Central Marketing, Uncover the various market access models AstraZeneca- Branded Generics Hotel Courtyard Marriott, Andheri- for Indian Pharma (E)Organized by Deepak Arora - Global Associ- Landmark: Opp Sangam cinemas, ate Brand Director at Novartis Andheri Kurla road, MumbaiPharma Search Conventions Healthcare Private LimitedAkshata Rao– Director Chandrasekaran K. N– Con- sultantE: akshata@pharmasearchconventions.comCell: +91.9833074566 Darshan Kulkarni– Pharma Join us at the an Attorney, The Kulkarni Law Firm exclusive panel discussion on Social Media marketing! Priti Mohile– Managing Director, MediaMedic Communications
  2. 2. Session 1: Future landscape of the Indian Pharmaceutical market & marketing excellenceCHAIR of the conference : Priti Mohile, MD—MediaMedic Communications Timing: 9:00 am – 9:40 amExplore the key drivers impacting your company’s business in this fast paced pharma environment Boom in healthcare: Learn about the growing opportunities with healthcare transformation Capitalize on the growth opportunities with the rise in specialty drugs. Speciality requires special capabilities: Do we agree? Emergence of Biosimilars in speciality arena: Will it mitigate the rising cost? Patient Adherence & Compliance-Challenges & Opportunities in speciality spaceSpeaker: Deepak Arora- Global Associate Brand Director at Novartis Healthcare Timing: 9:40 am – 10:20 amKEYNOTE PRESENTATIONDR. AJIT DANGI (Former Director General of OPPI), CEO and President of Danssen ConsultingPreparing India to compete and succeed in the global Pharma market: Aligning with Global Trends in Pharmaceutical Market to make strong global footprints Identifying Key Strategic Drivers to sustain profitable growth Leveraging Intellectual Property as a Competitive Strategy How DIVA (Differentiation, Innovation and Value Addition) can help Indian Pharma to move up the Value Chain COFFEE BREAK 10:20 am – 10:50 am Timing: 10:50 am – 11:30 amEstablishing your brand in the competitive Indian pharma environment Know how to maximize productivity and be the “Chosen one” amidst the brand clutter Understand the need for competitive intelligence in a challenging pharma environment What is the right amount of brands to sell?Speaker: Navneet Sharma, Sr. Analyst (GPS& C), Novartis Healthcare Timing: 11:30 am – 12:10 pmPanel: Commercial excellence KPIs to be considered as a key growth driver for your company Benchmark your commercial strategies with competitors to analyze loopholes Drive commercial excellence by integrating sales and marketing efforts Learn how to manage the overlap of sales and marketing effortsSpeakers: Anindya Chowdhury- Sr Director, Head - Consumer Healthcare Business - India at Sanofi, Deep Bhandari- General Manager, (MSO)at Novartis India Limited K. N Chandrasekaran– Consultant and Priti Mohile– MD, MediaMedic Communications
  3. 3. Timing: 12:10 am – 12:50 pmEmploying innovative marketing channels for your brand like Social Media Emerging media and multi-channel marketing: Is this the future of Pharma? Understand the impact of technology on healthcare Learn about emerging media’s paving path to increased patient adherence A Paradigm shift : Moving towards a Social healthcare platformPanel: Dinesh Chindarkar- VP at MediaMedic Communications, Darshan Kulkarni – Pharma Attorney, The Kulkarni Law Firm Timing: 12:50 pm – 1:30 pmEnhance commercial effectiveness through marketing communications and programs Identify the need to change in the growing competitive pharma environment Understand who are the stakeholders and learn about their roles in your strategy Marketing programs: How do we de-mystify them? How do we measure effectiveness through marketing communications? Integrate technology in the measurement processSpeaker K. N. Chandrasekaran- Former Head of Commercial Excellence at Novartis Healthcare LUNCH BREAK: 1:30 pm – 2: 30 pmSession 2: Sales Effectiveness, KAM and Market Access Timing: 2:30 pm – 3:10 pmHow do legal reforms affect sales? Get to know about FCPA, sampling and education timing Understand why your head office is demanding marketing compliance to take top priority What do the latest FDA rules mean for your medical representatives? Learn what GSK is doing in the US? Will that happen in India? Compare the OPPI rules to the proposed Indian rulesSpeaker: Darshan Kulkarni – Principal Attorney, Clinician – The Kulkarni Law Firm (USA)
  4. 4. Timing: 3:10 pm – 3: 50 pmUnderstand the role of a Front Line Manager Uncover the paradigm shift of management internally Learn the importance of goal setting and planning for a front line manager What are the ‘on-job’ management styles? How do we evaluate and measure the performance styles?Speaker: S. Vardarajan – Associate Director- Head of Commercial Excellence and PMO at Merck COFFEE BREAK: 3:50 – 4:10 pm Timing: 4:10 pm – 4:50 pmUnderstanding Key Account Management for your business Refine your business strategy by implement an effective and suitable KAM model Quality approach: Implement a more customer- centric model v/s a product focused one Learn how to align the KAM model by allocating internal and external resourcesSpeaker: Amlesh Ranjan, Associate Director at Sanofi Timing: 4:50 pm – 5:30 pmEffective Market Access models for the Indian Pharma industry Find out how much of the Indian population actually is your “brand audience” Is market access a luxury or a necessity in today`s highly competitive and cluttered pharma industry? Are we innovative or still using the tactics which can be defined age old? Explore the market access models that work today!Speaker: Manoj Kumar- Head - Marketing, Global Central Marketing Team, AstraZeneca - Branded Generics
  5. 5. RegistrationsType of pass Standard Premium*Pharma companies Rs. 8,999 Rs. 9,999Solutions Providers Rs. 11,999 Rs. 12,999Consultants and Inde- Rs. 5,999 Rs. 6,999pendent professionals*- Premium pass includes post event material as approved by the speaker. Standard pass doesn’t include it.Group discounts : Buy 3 passes and get the 4th one FREE!To register, select the type of pass and reach out to Akshata Rao on the below information.Email: akshata@pharmasearchconventions.comCell: +91.9833074566Courier the cheque to Pharma Search Laboratories India Ltd. 72/73 Pharma Search House, Worli Hill Estate, Mumbai 400018