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Open Badges as Bridges: Design, Create, Connect


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Scottish MozFest Fringe event 2015.

Slides from a day of learning, making and creating in Glasgow.

Event information:

DigitalMe helps organisations to communicate the skills they need and people to evidence the skills they have using Open Badges. We invite you to join the DigitalMe Open Badge consultants for a day of designing, creating and connecting Open Badges.

This free event, which is a fringe activity for the pathway DigitalMe are leading at MozFest this year, will introduce Open Badges, and provide hands-on activities to design badges that are of value. During the event, you will be able to use our new online tool and mobile app to create and issue badges.

A key aim of the Scottish Government’s Youth Employment Strategy, Developing the Young Workforce is to build bridges between education, business and industry and the current Enhancement Theme for the Quality Assurance Authority for Higher Education (QAA) is Student Transitions into, during and out of university. Hear case studies of how Open Badges can be used to bridge transitions and engage in activities to create badge pathways connecting learners to destination points such as learning opportunities or employment.

Outcomes of the event:

- Learn what Open Badges are and how they can communicate the skills your organisation needs or evidence the skills you have
- Learn how to design the data to create a badge of value
- Learn how to create and issue a badge using a website and mobile app
- Learn how to create badge pathways to learning or employment opportunities
- Learn how badges can support transitions and act as bridges between education and employment

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Open Badges as Bridges: Design, Create, Connect

  1. 1. Open Badges as Bridges: Design, Create, Connect Gráinne Hamilton, Lucy Lewis, Alison Smith, Kevin Field CC BY-NC 4.0 Scottish MozFest Fringe Event 28th October 2015
  2. 2. - Design a badge of value - Create your badge - Connect badges to opportunities Aims of the day…
  3. 3. 10am - 10.25pm 10.25pm - 10.45pm 10.45pm - 12.15pm 12.15pm - 12.30pm 12.30pm - 1.30pm 1.30pm - 1.45pm 1.45pm - 2.45pm 2.45pm - 3pm 3pm - 3.30pm 3.30pm - 4pm Agenda - ‘Your story’ activity - Badges 101 - Design a badge - Badge design discussion - challenges and opportunities - Lunch - Introduction to the Open Badge Academy - Create and issue a badge - Introduction to badge pathways - Connect badges to create a badge pathway - Feedback and wrap up
  4. 4. Your Story
  5. 5. - Chart your life journey! - Note qualifications, hobbies, interests, volunteering, jobs, travel etc - Write your name in the head and stick it on the wall Using a Badge Story canvas…
  6. 6. - Review your life journey! - What are the common themes?, eg problem solving, creativity - Write these on a post-it and stick them beside your story Review your life!
  7. 7. - Review their life journey! - What are the common themes?, eg problem solving, creativity - Write these on a post-it and stick them beside their story Review your neighbour!
  8. 8. What are Open Badges?
  9. 9. A web standard which captures & communicates skills and attributes
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Capturing and evidencing life-long learning Formal Education Informal Learning Workplace Online Learning School FE HE CPD, Work Experience, Apprenticeships Volunteering, Youth Programmes Courses, Moocs
  12. 12. S2RfS enhances speaking, listening, writing and ICT skills of 11-16 year olds.
  13. 13. S2RfS helps children and young people develop workplace skills like communication, teamwork and managing deadlines.
  14. 14. S2RfS uses digital badges to enable young people to successfully display and transfer their new skills and experience into the world of work.
  15. 15. Where S2RfS has been happening? Durham CCC Learning Beyond the Boundary Bolton FC Huddersfield Town Hull KC Stadium Oldham AFC Leyton Orient FC Surrey CCC Norwich City FC Scunthorpe United FC Southend FC Wycombe Wanderers FC West Ham United FC
  16. 16. S2RfS Digital Badges... "Digital Badges have provided our students with a new and interesting way to showcase their skills and achievements with colleges and employers."
  17. 17. Reach of S2RfS so far S2RfS has an amazing overall student retention rate. Children and young people have benefitted directly from the programme and have demonstrated improved communication and ICT skills. Digital badges (S2R Medals) issued to date
  18. 18. S2RfS will continue developing as a programme providing free resources that can be used by schools and centres to support their own schemes. Announcing S2RfS Working for Success- A Paul Hamlyn funded programme creating UK pilot centres using opportunities presented by sports clubs to assist young people who are NEET or at the risk of becoming NEET to develop skills and find employment. Next Steps for S2RfS
  19. 19. Badges systems created with...
  20. 20. University of Sussex - recognise staff CPD Edinburgh University Students Association - recognise skills gained by Class Reps and enhance employability Abertay University - showcase HEAR related activities University of Dundee - recognise skills gained by students while co-creating the medical curriculum University of Sheffield - recognise learning in a MOOC. Can be used for a reduction in degree fees and credit towards modules
  21. 21. Challenges we hope to address
  22. 22. Meteora Climbing by Stefanos Nikologianis CC BY 2.0 from Flickr Finding new opportunities
  23. 23. From Flickr by James Cridland Standing out from the crowd
  24. 24. Forth Bridge Blues by Chris Combe CC BY 2.0 from Flickr Connecting to opportunities
  25. 25. Design a badge
  26. 26. - Hands up if you have a badge idea you want to design - Does anyone want to join them? - Don’t have a clue? - Collect the post-its on the wall - Group them into common themes - Join a group around a badge idea What badge?
  27. 27. Badge Design Canvas
  28. 28. Badge design discussion - challenges and opportunities
  29. 29. The Open Badge Academy (OBA)
  30. 30. Learner Explore Careers Evidence Skills Transition to Employment Educator Recognise Learning Build Capabilities Measure Impact Employer Set Industry Challenges Provide Pathways to opportunities Endorse Achievements Build a richer picture of you
  31. 31. OBA launches with TechFuture Academy
  32. 32. Open Badge Academy Create your badges Learners find your badgeLaunch academy Share achievements Connect with work and educational opportunities Learners add evidenceOrganisations track impact & recruit talent
  33. 33. Discover, earn and share badges on the move
  34. 34. “At the forefront of the Open Badges movement” Mark Surman Mozilla
  35. 35. Badge Design 250 x 250 pixels
  36. 36. Badge set
  37. 37. Employer ExpertPeer Multiple validation Evidence-based endorsement
  38. 38. Create and issue a badge
  39. 39. Badge Pathways
  40. 40. Forth Bridge Blues by Chris Combe CC BY 2.0 from Flickr Open Badges as Bridges: Connect
  41. 41. Webmaker Expand your digital literacy skills online by learning how to make and remix the web O2 Think Big Apply your digital enterprise skills to gain experience to help you transition into employment or enterprise CPD Refresh your computing knowledge on the job in order to teach the new computing curriculum Badges as pathways into employment SchoolSchools KS4/5 HE / Apprenticeships Career Development Code Club Develop an interest in coding through completing simple coding challenges
  42. 42. Activity Badges Skill badges (two levels) The YCiF Award
  43. 43. “An ordinary reference, from my college for example, might say that I’m capable of sitting down and learning something. These badges show that I’m sitting down, learning the skill, but then I’m going out and using them in real life situations to make changes.” - Charlie, 18 “The badges and Award I’ve earned show an employer what I can already do. I’ll be looking for a part time job when I start my degree my reference could help me to get a higher paid job in an area that I’m really interested in.” - Abi, 18
  44. 44. 57
  45. 45. Brian loves words, whether those words make up hundreds of lines of code or the sentences of a novel. His job at Mozilla involves a combination of both, since he codes and writes specifications for others who want to use the tools he builds. Words aside, he loves playing games, chopping wood(!) and cooking. Did we mention he rocks a bass (and a wicked hairstyle) in more than one band? Brian B. Senior Engineer / OBI Architect at Mozilla Badge-based pathways to employment Mozilla Discovery project
  46. 46. Matt likes breaking things and then putting them back together to improve them. His job as a QA engineer in the Firefox team involves everything from finding things that don't work - otherwise know as bugs - to coordinating projects within the open source community, such as new feature requests. His path is full of different jobs and adventures from rock-climbing to making tofu and being a psychologist at a youth detention centre. Matt B. Senior QA Engineer at Mozilla Badge-based pathways to employment Mozilla Discovery project
  47. 47. Follow your interests to find new opportunities. Build your capabilities to stand out from the crowd. Create your ideal career. Meteora Climbing by Stefanos Nikologianis CC BY 2.0 from Flickr From Flickr by James Cridland Forth Bridge Blues by Chris Combe CC BY 2.0 from Flickr
  48. 48. Exploring the OBA helps earners follow their skills to new opportunities
  49. 49. Badge Academies issue badges to build capabilities for specific groups, e.g. - university students - company employees - apprentices
  50. 50. Employer endorsed badges in the Public Library help earners to connect to career opportunities
  51. 51. - Add other badges that could link to and from the badge you designed - Look round the room, are there badges you could connect to - Create badge pathways Grab a Badge System Canvas and post-its
  52. 52. - Note what you're excited about - Note what you’re concerned about - Note what you'd like to explore further Badges for your organisation
  53. 53. @digitalme_