The Future of Marketing by Jane Slimming


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The Future of Marketing by Jane Slimming

  1. 1. The Future Of Marketing
  2. 2. The Traditional Method
  3. 3. Zero Moment of Truth
  4. 4. What does this mean to you? • Where are you currently spending your time / budget • Where should you be focussing your time and budget? • Where are the biggest efficiencies? • Lets start at the beginning.....
  5. 5. First Moment of Truth • Your product / service • Re-visit what it would be like to experience your product for the first time • What is your shelf? Website? Phone Call? Meeting? Retail?
  6. 6. Second Moment of Truth • Word of mouth has always been important but now it’s not referrals it’s creating someone elses ZMOT • What is your CRM programme? • How are you getting the most out of your customers? • Are you asking them to work for you? • Are you satisfying their needs?
  7. 7. Zero Moment of Truth • Combination of Content Marketing, Organic Promotion, PR and Social Media • Ensuring that you have consistency in messaging and your product / Brand values are communicated at ALL touchpoints • This can be a new area to many....
  8. 8. Organic Promotion Blogger Outreach Review Give-away Competition Linkbuilding Sponsored post Advertorial Guest post
  9. 9. Organic Promotion Blogger outreach Brand Buzz Linkbuilding Keyword driven Social following Website stats Natural links if any Link specific
  10. 10. Link-building
  11. 11. Organic Promotion
  12. 12. Social Media
  13. 13. Social Media • Since Google’s Penguin and Panda update social signals are becoming more and more of a ranking factor. Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient for SEO by Search Metrics • • • Fresh content for Google Increase in brand queries Increase in impressions on Google SERPs
  14. 14. Social Media Management Daily Posting Campaigns Community Management Advertising Social Landscape Content Research Strategy Customer Service Strategy Profile Designs Writing Posts Planning Crisis Management Ad Content Profile Layout Scheduling Posts Execution Sales Ad Placement Strategy Promotion Reporting
  15. 15. Social Media Research Influencers Choose a Topic Create Content Distribute & Share Content Measure & Track
  16. 16. Without content none of it works... Online PR Email Organic Promotion Client Site Social Media Zeal Content Zeal PR Client Zeal and Partners
  17. 17. What is Content?
  18. 18. Consistency – BRAND marketing • Marketing is so much more fragmented, the more fragmentation that occurs the more important brand becomes • This doesn’t have to be big budget, it can be kept simple • Produce some brand guidelines and stick to them, even if it’s not the easiest path to choose • Ensure all your collateral is branded • Ensure your brand communicates what you want it to
  19. 19. 10 things to do Today... • • • • • • • • • • Mystery shop your own company / product Visit / Revisit your brand and write some brand guidelines Go to your shelf and find out if it’s working for you Talk to your customers – the most cost effective way to start Listen to your customers – social monitoring will tell you a lot Look at your content and produce more Respond to negativity – what is your customer service like Google set up – Are you set up correctly? Visit your competitors Visit Google’s Zero of Moment of Truth