Content State of Mind


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Presentation by Oliver Russell - delivered at the Content Masterclass in Ravensbourne on 2nd May 2014.

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Content State of Mind

  1. 1. Presents ‘A Content State of Mind’ or Where are brands at and what do consumers want
  2. 2. Content Marketing Agency Sports Marketing Agency Intellectual Property Generation Est. 2007
  3. 3. Content Marketing Agency DistributionProduction Creative/De sign Strategy
  4. 4. The 4 Content States… For brands Doing it and getting measureable results. Doing it and not getting results or attributable results. Not doing it but would like to. Not doing it and have no plans
  5. 5. A Content State of Mind Research
  6. 6. A definition...
  7. 7. The Definition of: ADVERTISING
  8. 8. The Definition of: PR
  9. 9. The Definition of: BRANDING
  10. 10. The Definition of: CONTENT MARKETING
  11. 11. Have you experienced some kind of branded content online? Yes 59.1% No 40.9%
  12. 12. We asked the public…
  13. 13. How would you describe most branded content you see? Irrelevant 42.2% Funny 29.8% Rubbish 13.2% Moving 8% Other 6.8%
  14. 14. So What Is Content Marketing? An editorially led marketing activity created in a brands’ name that either entertains or informs the target audience in a way that puts the brand sell second to the relevance of the content but is always looking to drive marketing and business results
  15. 15. The important points… Entertains or informs the target audience Puts the brand sell second Drive marketing and business results
  16. 16. Entertains or Informs The Target Audience
  17. 17. Research/ Focus Groups Activity/Media Identification Creative/Product ion Distribution Content Strategy
  18. 18. Cross Platform Editorial outreach placement Cross Platform media partnerships Social Outreach Talent partnerships Viral Distribution Advertising Promotion Content Placement
  19. 19. Entertainment/Inf ormation Content Marketing
  20. 20. The Audience Who Are They? Where Are They? What do they Fancy?
  21. 21. We asked the public…
  22. 22. What forms of online content do you like? Written 58.3% Audio 30.8% Video 62.7% Animation 36.9% Pictures 62.1%
  23. 23. Event Amplification Short Form Entertainment/ Film Sizzle Reel/ Showreel Product Demonstration Consumer/ Brand Insight Animated White Paper/ Infographic/ Thought Leadership Studio Based Panel Show
  24. 24. Branded Content Reel
  25. 25. Puts The Brand Sell Second
  26. 26. We asked the public…
  27. 27. Are you more likely to buy, or consider a brand having seen relevant and well produced content? Yes 68.9% No 31.1%
  28. 28. Have you ever done any of the following after seeing a piece of branded content? Liked a brand on Facebook 36.6% Followed a brand on Twitter 15.7% Visited a brand website 48.0% Visited a high street store 30.2% None of these 28.3%
  29. 29. We asked the public…
  30. 30. Would seeing poorly produced content have a negative impact on a brand for you? Yes 70.5% No 29.5%
  31. 31. Drive Marketing and Business Results
  32. 32. Results Positive Advocacy Engage Niche Target Audience Enhance Natural Search Drive Awareness Entertain & Inform Communications Drive Data Capture Increase Social Footprint Drive Sales
  33. 33. Success Metrics Consumption Metrics Lead Generation Metrics Sharing Metrics Sales Metrics
  34. 34. What qualities should a piece of brand content have? Humour 48.6% Relevance to brand 72.9% Drama 15.7%
  35. 35. If you’d like to see the full findings of Phase 1 of ‘A Content State of Mind’ Contact us @bigshottweet