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Patrick Langridge: "Machine Learning & SEO: The Future of Personalised Search"


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Patrick Langridge talks at Digital Henley #5 on Wednesday 20th July regarding how SEO can significantly impact how your business operates, and how businesses succeed or fail depending on how they approach the question of SEO's role in personalising their commercial activity.

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Patrick Langridge: "Machine Learning & SEO: The Future of Personalised Search"

  1. 1. Digital Henley – July ‘16 Patrick Langridge Head of SEO @patlangridge k MachineLearning&LocalSEO: TheFuture ofPersonalisedSearch
  2. 2. HistoryLesson @patlangridg e
  3. 3. GoogleToday @patlangridg e
  4. 4. GoogleToday @patlangridg e
  5. 5. Plumber @patlangridg e
  6. 6. Venice(2012)&Pidgeon(2014) @patlangridg e
  7. 7. WhyDoesThisMatter? @patlangridg e
  8. 8. LocalSEOBestPractices @patlangridg e Build really really really good location landing pages. Unique, descriptive, rich, relevant and locally focused content. Compliment text with images, videos, infographics, CTA’s. List areas/towns/villages covered by a service orshop - maps. Use local data to create compelling stories. Customerreviews/testimonials, case studies fromspecific locations. Use local staff/managers/engineers to help create unique content. Showcase local community involvement/sponsorship/events. Include local offers, specials and news. Considerlocal forums forUGC, but only if manageable! Internal linking, meta data page alignment, geo-targeting if
  9. 9. LocalSEOSuccess @patlangridg e
  10. 10. LocalSEORankingFactors @patlangridg e
  11. 11. PersonalisationFactors @patlangridg e  Location  Device  Browser  OS  Time Of Day  Search History  Logged In vs Logged Out  Variety – CTRtesting  Information vs Purchasing  Knowledge Graph  AnswerBoxes  Carousels  Contextual Relevancy
  12. 12. GoogleWorried? @patlangridg e
  13. 13. SearchQueriesbyEngine(USA) @patlangridg e
  14. 14. Threats @patlangridg e
  15. 15. RankBrain @patlangridg e
  16. 16. RankBrain @patlangridg e
  17. 17. Questions? Thankyou! @patlangridge