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Denis Kondopoulos: Increasing Sales Using Data & Personalisation


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Denis Kondopolous talks at Digital Henley #5 on Wednesday 20th July regarding personalisation and how you can utilise various sources of customer data to really tailor your marketing and sales processes online and offline.

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Denis Kondopoulos: Increasing Sales Using Data & Personalisation

  2. 2. Today’s Topic • Increasing sales via use of data and personalisation. • Based on a real example: – La Veranda Resort (Accor Hotels) • Published: – The Routledge Handbook of Hospitality Management • Discussion: – Q&A
  3. 3. La Veranda Resort, Phu Quoc
  4. 4. About me • Technical project manager and digital marketing specialist with 20+ years of experience in a variety of sectors and countries. • Officially a Project Manager, but in reality a hybrid of management, technology and marketing. • Author (Books, Publications) and Speaker on Technology / Digital Marketing • Speaker at Google campus London • Academic Author and Visiting lecturer at university of Brighton, Derby, and Oxford Brookes • Chartered IT Professional ▪ Chartered Engineer • Chartered Marketer ▪ Google Certified (Search, Mobile, Video, Display, Shopping)
  5. 5. Personalised ReMarketing Goal: Bookings and/or Enquiries Method: Target visitors and entice them to return to the site, via the use of personalised offers.
  6. 6. Method Problem: Initially we do not know much about the user. How do we personalise? Solution: • Mark user entry • Track user journey • Some visitor information may be captured, but all data are in different systems • Create “hub” which combines all collected data and manages personalised remarketing
  7. 7. But first… Improve site performance
  8. 8. Personalised ReMarketing 1. Website marks/tracks visitor 2. Uses Google Analytics API to track user journey, including goals (eg. enquiries, bookings) 3. If users signs up for newsletter the hotel knows the CustomerType (eg. family, single, couple, etc) 4. A business-logic layout would analyse the above information, and depending on the user actions and customer type, a personalised email (with a special offer relevant to this type of customer) would be sent to the customer to entice him to book. 5. The extra mile: Upon user re-action to the personalised email, a remarketing campaign would then be initiated on social media (facebook) to re-market the offering to this particular user.
  9. 9. Personalised ReMarketing “hub”CRM Analytics Browser Cookies Email Marketing system Geolocation Personalisation • Personalised Email Remarketing • ReMarketing (Search and Social) Offers Database
  10. 10. Results Have not been allowed to share figures, but: • Bounce rate, upon re-entry < 45% • User journey, upon re-entry: 3min+ • Occupancy rate at 97% for several months. 
  11. 11. Questions? Ask now or email: 