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How To Capture Your Websites Exit Traffic And Grow A Massive Email List


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Everyone knows that building a list is absolutely vital if you want to really send your online marketing to the next level, but most people seem to fail to fully absorb the information. They may start a list and then just ignore it, or they piddle around with it and it never gets fully off the ground.

Here is a little example to ponder…

Let’s say you own a little hometown grocery store. Imagine 100 people all coming into your store at once. You watch eagerly, anticipating all the money these customers are going to bring you, and you see them filling their carts to the brim.

Now you have your cashiers at the ready as people begin making their way toward the checkout lanes. The first couple of people filter down the lanes, and you hear the cheerful chirp of the scanners ringing up purchases.

Then suddenly, things change. First, one-person abandons their shopping cart and just inexplicably walks out the door. Then another, and another, and soon 97% of your customers flood out the door, leaving their full carts sitting in the aisles, frozen food dripping onto your formerly spotless floors.

Would you just sit by and watch as your customers flooded out the door, or would you rush toward the crowd and beg them to stay, asking them what was wrong, pleading for another chance?

Would you set up new end caps to encourage extra sales, send out coupons, hire new employees to ensure lanes were always open, and do everything you could to ensure the best possible shopping experience?

Of course, you would!

The trouble is that online businesses have come to thing that shopping cart abandonment rates of 97% are normal. They think, “Oh well, what can I do about it?”

The fact is, there’s plenty you can do about it. You don’t have to be satisfied with 97, 98, even 99% of people leaving your site without buying. You don’t have to watch helplessly as 80% or more of your squeeze page visitors waltz away without giving you their email address. You certainly don’t have to let 80-90% of your website or blog traffic bounce away without clicking anything!

In this report, you’re going to learn how to capture these people onto your mailing list and ensure yourself a captive audience that won’t just walk away!

You’re also going to learn how to really maximize the effectiveness of your list building and your email marketing.

So let’s see what you can start today!

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How To Capture Your Websites Exit Traffic And Grow A Massive Email List

  1. 1. How To Capture Your Websites Exit Traffic And Grow A Massive Email List
  2. 2. Did you know that….. Out of 100 People Entering a Store… 97 of Them Leave Without Buying a Single Thing?
  3. 3.  Store owners would find a way to make sales.  They’d set up new endcaps near the exit door.  They’d have their flyer with coupons available. If 97% Left Without a Purchase…  They’d have store employees assisting customers. And what does this mean ?
  4. 4. But what if you own an Online Store? Online - It’s a Whole Different Ballgame
  5. 5. % Leave% Stay or Buy Sales Page 97% 3% Around 97% to 98% of your prospects won’t buy anything when they first visit your sales page.
  6. 6. % Leave% Stay or Buy Squeeze Page 80% 20% Squeeze Page Up to 80% of the people visiting your squeeze page visitors will leave without joining your mailing list.
  7. 7. % Leave% Stay or Buy Blog Page 90% 10% Blog Page And between 80% to 90% of your blog traffic will leave without clicking on anything.
  8. 8. Pretty frustrating statistics, isn’t it? Most online marketers are doing absolutely nothing to capture this traffic. What a waste, hu?
  9. 9.  The average marketer gets about 5000 visitors/mo.  That’s 60,000 visitors per year.  If 97% of these visitors are leaving without buying…  A full 58,200 visitors walk out your door every year. This is what we’re talking about Let me toss some numbers at you…
  10. 10. Those Visitors Aren’t Coming Back… Some of them may bookmark your site and return, but that number is so very small. A few others will bookmark your site with the full intention of returning, but they just never do. The minute they walk away from the computer, they’ve all but forgotten you and your site.
  11. 11. It’s vitally important for you to capture this traffic…. ….and get them on a mailing list. Marketers do focus on list building, but they put 100% of their efforts into getting newly arrived visitors to join a list. If you really want to add a cash to your bottom line, then you need to ALSO focus on getting exiting visitors to join your list.
  12. 12. 97% 5000 4850 20% 970 Leaving Empty-Handed Incoming Visitors Captured to a List New Subscribers monthly…Tada! Let’s crunch some numbers
  13. 13. Look at this: That would be 11,640 new subscribers added to your mailing list each year!
  14. 14. This could create some serious income If you persuaded 1,164 of those people – which is just 10% of the folks on this mailing list -- to buy maybe two or three products and spend a total of about $100 with you over the course of one year…. ….then you’ve just added a whopping $116,400 to your bottom line… in just one year. All from exit traffic that was leaving your site.
  15. 15.  Re-target formerly wasted traffic.  Re-purpose formerly wasted traffic.  Re-use formerly wasted traffic. If you haven’t fully optimized your exit traffic strategy yet, we will show you how to… Visit us on