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Crisis Mappers Webinar Preview


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Register now to hear GeoEye's Dr. Colleen McCue speak about operational security analytics on Dec. 14th! CrisisMappers Webinar:

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Crisis Mappers Webinar Preview

  1. 1. Crisis Mappers Webinar: Analytics for Conflict Mapping and Crisis Response Dec. 14, 2012, 12-1pm EST Featuring GeoEye’s Dr. Colleen McCue Why just count incidents when you can anticipate and respond more effectively? How to register:
  2. 2. Webinar PreviewHow do Pop Tarts, the Lord’s Resistance Army and Silence of the Lambs tie into operational security analytics?GeoEye’s Dr. Colleen McCue will fill you in on December 14!During this webinar you will learn about:• “Best practices” related to data and analysis that are pulled from the larger data science community• Operational security analytics and crime analysis as a process that can incorporate novel data sources, technology, and tradecraft• The unique requirements and constraints of humanitarian mapping and crisis response, including privacy and security of the data and related analytic output