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Personalization imperative


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1:1 personalization is something we live by at Digital Fusion. Take your marketing efforts to the next level by implementing targeted marketing efforts.

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Personalization imperative

  1. 1. Customer Loyalty AND the Personalization Imperative
  2. 2. Personalization: Central To Customer Loyalty
  3. 3. Personalization Becomes Fundamental
  4. 4. Obstacles to Personalization
  5. 5. Top Digital Priorities - 2015
  6. 6. Segment Based Marketing focuses on finding people for a product. Individually Personalized Marketing focuses on finding a product for a person. Segmentation vs. Personalization
  7. 7. Achieving True 1:1 Personalization 7
  8. 8. The Personalization Maturity Curve
  9. 9. Personalized Journeys Drive Business ROI *Transforming Customer Experience: From Moments to Journeys, 2013 +36% Customer satisfaction +19% Likely to stay/renew +28% Willingness to recommend +33% Less likely to cancel/churn