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Buzz Manager - The only tool you'll EVER need to fully and effectively manage all of your favorite social media profiles, email campaigns, SMS marketing, contacts, blogs, and all of your monitoring, analysis, and reporting needs.

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Digital Front - Buzz Manager

  1. 1. The Complete Social Media Management System
  2. 2. Buzz Manager in a NutshellMonitor the social web for keywords and important conversations about yourbusiness or brand.Engage and interact with your users on all the popular social platforms.Measure the effectiveness of any message you send across our variousplatforms.Schedule all your messages across all platforms to be sent exactly when andwhere you want them.Manage multiple social media profiles and Buzz user accounts.Increase engagement, brand awareness, brand loyalty and customer satisfactionrates.
  3. 3. Social Profile ManagementManage Your Facebook PagesAll from the comfort of one simple and unified interface. Readstreams, generate and customize link previews, geo-target posts,track and respond to messages.
  4. 4. Social Profile Management Like, comment, share, and delete posts, across all your social streams and profiles. Buzz Manager makes it easy to manage your streams and posts. Buzz Inbox pulls your messages from services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace allowing you complete control over them.
  5. 5. Social Profile ManagementCompletely managetwitter presenceBuzz Manager allows youto completely dominateeach and every aspect oftwitter. Keep up with yourfollowers, keep track ofmentions and trends,engage, and master thevast Twitterverse.
  6. 6. Auto-RespondersEmail, Facebook, & Twitter Auto Responders!Buzz Manager allows you to build and pre-schedule a series ofautomated messages, birthday greetings or event alerts that aretriggered as soon as a new customer is added to your addressbook or someone new follows you on Twitter.
  7. 7. SchedulingSchedule your social messagesand engage on auto-pilot.Using Buzz Manager’s drag &drop calender, your fans andfollowers will never miss animportant, “well timed”message. Schedule your statusupdates on multiple platformsincluding, Facebook, Twitter,Linkedin, and more. Be the firstto engage, and do it withouttouching your computer.
  8. 8. Reporting & AnalyticsBuzz Manager tracks all yoursocial media profiles andprovides insightful reports andanalytics on various key metrics,including fans over time, kloutscores, sentiments, contentspread, etc..Whether it’s your Facebook Fanpage or twitter profile, BuzzManager can generateprofessional reports coveringmany important metrics.
  9. 9. Other Buzz Manager ServicesEmail MarketingSend out regular newsletters or launch a full-scale massemail campaign, rather easily too!SMS MarketingYou can use Buzz Manager to send SMS messages to anyone quiteeasily. Simply select the people or group you would like to sendyour message to and click send.
  10. 10. Designed for your convenience by Digital Front - Social & Digital Media Solutions
  11. 11. Meet the Senior Team Othman Jundi Senior Software Engineer We suspect that very first words that came out of Othman’s mouth were in binary. Yes, he’s that geeky. Othman spent the better part of his childhood and teenage years learning and experimenting with technology, computers, and programming. And now, with a degree and ton of experience, we’re really proud to have him as our senior coder!Hassan HamoudiDigital Media SpecialistEver since he got his first computer, Hassan has been practicallyliving on the digital front. He’s a natural-born gamer which meanshe’s always on the lookout for a new challenge to overcome, andhe’s somewhat obsessed with the social patterns of humans andthe driving force behind them. At our offices, he overseescommunity management and digital & social marketing strategiesand campaigns.
  12. 12. Meet the Senior Team Hussein Atoum Head of Public Relations Ever since he was young, Hussein thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and expanding his social network. He was literally the most connected kid on the block! Now, equipped with years of professional training and experience, Hussein is in charge of all external communications at Digital Front.Tarek NassarHead of OperationsTarek is literally an upgraded version of what a normal human beingshould be like. Over the years, he trained himself to adapt to themost extreme and unorthodox of scenarios, and became an expertin knowing enough information about pretty much everything.Now, he oversees day-to-day operations at our offices.