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Ethereum Enterprise Alliance : Ethereum para aplicaciones de empresa


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Conferencia Blockchain/ Madrid 2017. Una jornada para descubrir más sobre la tecnología blockchain en españa, los casos de uso y startups que están trabajando en el ecosistema español. Autor: Julio Faura, Innovación, Banco de Santander.

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Ethereum Enterprise Alliance : Ethereum para aplicaciones de empresa

  1. 1. ENTERPRISE ETHEREUM ALLIANCE Twitter @entethalliance
  2. 2. Why an Enterprise Ethereum Alliance • Opportunity to use blockchain in enterprise settings • Ethereum as the “de facto” standard • Multiple, disjoint efforts to add Scalability Privacy Resiliency Easiness to use Collective effort to: ‒ Set standards ‒ Create reference implementations ‒ Share practices … but not a consortium!
  3. 3. Guiding principles At will: member led, no top down decisions Standards, not products Compatible: with public Ethereum and existing standards Inclusive & collaborative, not competitive
  4. 4. Who launched EEA
  5. 5. Welcome new members!
  6. 6. Progress to date  Established structure and initial operations  Created, organized and launched working groups: ‒ Technical (including benchmarking and ops) ‒ Banking, Identity, Supply Chain ‒ Coming soon: Pharma, Mobile, Energy  On-boarded 100+ new members (and many more coming)  Enterprise blockchain projects proliferating everywhere!
  7. 7. Technical roadmap: priorities Privacy: private contracts, zero knowledge / shared secrets Performance and scalability: 1000’s of transactions per second, millions of transactions Permissioned networks: pluggable consensus (w no single point of failure) Easiness to use: easy set up, monitoring, recovery Quorum as an intial example / reference implementation
  8. 8. The road ahead  Get going  CREATE a first reference implementation ready (clients, installers, docs)  DEPLOY our first (permissioned) testnets  DO our first projects on top of it  … and get you ALL on board ;-) 