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Skyfall Social buzz highlights - International


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Skyfall Social buzz highlights - International

  1. 1. Social buzz highlights – International: November 2011 – October 2012 Global Outlook . Local Insight
  2. 2. VOLUME OF CONVERSATIONWere consumers talking?• Since November2011, there have been 1.8m overall mentions of ‘Skyfall’, with the largest peak in activityoccurring during the release weekend 26-28th (311,485 mentions in 72hrs on Twitter).• Overall, audiences have been most engaged on Twitter, which accounts for an 87% share of voice. Platform Share of Voice (Date Range: 01/11/11 – 30/10/12) ‘Skyfall’ Social Media Buzz Volume 1.8m total mentions since November 2011 Oct 26th Opening day of Skyfall in cinema Mentions: 129,384 Oct 5th Adele confirmed as the theme song artist May 21st Mentions: 103,948 First trailer released Mentions: 54,752 Oct 23rd Nov 3rd Feb 1st Skyfall red carpet Skyfall title is 1st official Skyfall premiere announced image released Mentions: 73,457 Mentions:14,471 Mentions: 6,595 Jul 31st 2nd Skyfall trailer released Mentions: 32,529 Global Outlook . Local Insight
  3. 3. DEMOGRAPHICSWho was talking about Skyfall? 6158 3565 RT RT• It’s interesting to note that even though theconversation was male-driven throughout thecampaign (2/3 of all mentions) the female audiencehad it’s most prominent appearance on the releaseweek. 100 3079 80 3565 RT 60 RT 40 Male 20 Female 0 Title Trailer Adele Release 2107Most retweeted Skyfall mentions: 2431 RT RT• All the most retweeted tweets since November 2011(right) were posted in October 2012. Adele took top spotfor most retweeted when she announced the release ofthe official theme song.• The official James Bond account (@007) also appears 1621 1459in the top 10. RT RT•Fake/parody accounts receive lots of attention onTwitter – such as the Queen’s fake profile and FelixBaumgartner (Red Bull space jumper).• X factor boy band Union J appear twice, with Jedwardalso featuring. 1297 1297 RT RT Global Outlook . Local Insight
  4. 4. SENTIMENT HIGHLIGHTS1,637,385 total ‘Skyfall’ mentions on Twitter globally over the past 12 months, with volume graduallybuilding around each announcement or asset - peaking at 129,384 mentions on Friday 26thOctober, when the film was released. November 3rd 2011: May 21st 2012 When the new title was announced as Skyfall, there were The release of the first Skyfall trailer generated 54,752 mentions 3,298 mentions commenting on the ‘name’ or ‘title’ of the and positive buzz around the up coming film with. Most of the film . There were mixed reviews on the title, with majority conversation included references to how ‘amazing’ and positive sentiment overall. ‘awesome’ the trailer looks. Gender distribution: Male – 81%, Female – 19% Gender distribution: Male – 71%, Female – 29%October 5th 2012 October 26-28th 2012The official release of Adele’s Skyfall theme song generated The record breaking opening weekend has generated the mostthe second highest peak within the last 12 months with buzz so far - a huge 311,485 mentions (1/5 of all activity). Most103,948 mentions about ‘Skyfall’. This shows she has a huge of the conversation referenced ‘excitement’ about seeing theinternational following, more so even than in the UK perhaps. film and about how ‘great’ the movie is. Social activity peaked on Friday 26th October with 129,384 mentions.Gender distribution: Male – 62%, Female – 38% Gender distribution: Male – 63%, Female – 37%