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Inside the customer mind maze: 5 tips for navigating through your customer’s mind


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Capture your customer’s mind… and you capture their heart! As you know, it’s all about building the experiences and relationship throughout the customer’s journey. So start with these 5 tips and see how the mind is a maze - that can truly amaze!

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Published in: Marketing
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Inside the customer mind maze: 5 tips for navigating through your customer’s mind

  1. 1. 5 tips for navigating through your customer’s mind
  2. 2. Customers are better informed, more nimble, more selective and less loyal than before.
  3. 3. An average person receives 121 Emails every day* 121 Emails * Source: DMR ** Source: Statistic Brain A typical subscriber receives 491 SMSs per month** 491 Messages
  4. 4. An average person receives 121 Emails every day* 121 Emails * Source: DMR ** Source: Statistic Brain A typical subscriber receives 491 SMSs per month** 491 Messages Beware of bombarding them with unwanted information and marketing messages.
  5. 5. The age of generic marketing messaging 
is ...
  6. 6. The age of generic marketing messaging 
is ...
  7. 7. Technology has turned customers into moving targets.They can easily block unwanted communications; making it difficult to connect with them in the future. Unsubscribe
  8. 8. With the help of these 5 tips, marketers can navigate through a customer’s mind, find out what they think, and offer them what they really want!
  10. 10. Customer data is everywhere. The key is to figure out what’s actually meaningful and what’s meaningless.
  11. 11. My Wish List Beware of blind spots or limited focus, e.g. integrate online with offline data - such as customers’ in-store activities and feedback - and you’ll benefit from richer actionable insights.
  12. 12. Make sure you have one singular 360-degree view of the customer, "single customer view", seen through integrated online and offline data. Female 165cmtall Livesclosetoamall Bilingual Student of knitti ng class Visits daily Makes online purchase twice a monthUsually buys promotion items Follows yearly colour trend Updates blog often Follows fashion trend Instragram M em ber of yoga class VeryactiveinsocialmediaSingle Wearscontactlenses BlackhairAllergictopollenRarelyusescash Ownsasmartphone Travels by car Member of a sports club Never wears makeup Follows clothing trend on facebook Going to a friend’s wedding in 1 month Weights 50 kg Loves pink colour Registered for prom otion Readsfashionmagazine 25yearsold eBaymembership
  13. 13. DON’T OVERLOOK 
  14. 14. Every time a customer engages with your brand online, they leave a trail of information behind. Sarah SPORTS $100 M L US 5 1/2 US 6 US 6 1/2 5 kg 8 kg 10 kg Under $50 Second Hand Buy
  15. 15. Using rich interactive content and “connecting the dots” with complex analytics helps you to read your customer’s mind, and gives you a much clearer picture of what they like and don’t like. $100 Second Hand
  16. 16. Developing such insights, knowing what your customers are thinking and doing, and predicting customer behaviour faster and better than competitors, gives you a distinct advantage. Ideally, you’ll know what the customer wants before they realise themselves. Dear Sarah, 50% OFFVitamin Exciting news about your 50% offer
  18. 18. You need the ability to see things from the customer’s point of view and understand what they are thinking, feeling and doing. These 3 elements play a key role in the customer’s decision making and subsequently shape behaviour. Ticket to USA Buy
  19. 19. By understanding customer needs and expectations, you’ll ideally know what the customer wants before they realise themselves.
  20. 20. Armed with these insights, marketing campaigns can be optimised to align with the customer’s motivations, and delivering what best fits their needs and wants. <> To: Joe Freeman Get ready for your USA trip! 8 August 2016 9:16 AM Car rent for you, Joe! Get it
  22. 22. Data collected through customer feedback and customer-service channels, etc. is “gold”, because it captures their authentic voice. You learn more truths, and gain valuable insights into how customers use your products or services, and more particularly - how they feel. ABC Bank New Message ABC Bank Incoming Call
  23. 23. Feedback is not only what is said, read or heard. Silence is also a form of feedback and it should not be overlooked. ABC Bank Missed Call ABC Bank
  24. 24. ABC Bank Look and listen for the silent scream. Learn if, when or where your customer is losing interest. ABC Bank Missed Call
  26. 26. It’s the journey that’s important and there’s no linear  or universal path. Each customer behaves differently at different stages of the lifecycle. They also digest information and perceive products differently. Retention Double your points in the next purchase Growth Every $500 purchase, get $10 voucher Onboarding Learn more about your benefits Acquisition Recommend a friend, get 30 points Win back 20% off our new collection
  27. 27. McKinsey & Company research indicates that two-thirds of the decisions customers make are informed by the quality of their experiences along their journey. New Items!! Promotion!! Buy
  28. 28. The key to developing a relationship is anticipating and providing for the customer’s needs and expectations. You should look at the full span of a customer’s lifecycle before planning strategies in order to maximise interaction and enhance engagement for their onward journey. Customer Lifecycle Management Growth Onboarding step 1 Retention Win back Acquisition
  29. 29. Customers are a company’s greatest asset, that’s why a customer-centric approach must be at the heart of today’s marketing. If you listen to, and understand customers, identify customers’ needs, and offer them what they are looking for, you effectively drive business growth and ROI. And after all - isn’t that what you want...?
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