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Right and Wrong Reasons for a Career Change


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If you are thinking about changing your career see if your reason is the right one. If it is NOT think about what else you can change – environment, employer, conditions, etc.

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  • @mervolsen Hi Merv, thank you very much for your comment. I appreciate your feedback :)
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  • Great presentation, Tatiana.... it helps makes people think more deeply before opting out of their current job.
    I'd love a 'salary increase' but it's not going to happen in my job as a Relief Primary school teacher - and I'm too timid, anyway, to change my career at the age of 67 years. Besides - I like my current position too much to give it up.
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  • @PatrickEvers1
    Hi Patrick,
    Thank you for your comment. I believe that a sales person will never go hungry. Once you know how to create good relationship with your customers and make the sale then what you sell becomes secondary whether it is movies, cars or anything else. What products/services are you interested in and passionate about? How can you get into a company selling it or maybe become a self employed selling it? There are so many options there for you. It is just a matter of a good research and creativity :)
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  • Tatiana, nice slide presentation, thank you. I most closely related to Right Reason #3, except my profession (sales) isn't dying out, but the industry I've worked in since 1991 (wholesale video distribution) is indeed dying out. Goodbye Blockbuster, Hollywood, Movie Gallery, +/- 80% of indies, hello Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Redbox, etc. I've loved my career, but forward-looking, it has no future. Video/movies aren't dying, just they way they've been delivered in the past vs today. Many tell me not to look for 'ANY' job, shows a lack of true enthusiasm for a position you might be applying to (I wouldn't apply to a job that didn't interest me or I didn't feel I would make a contribution to), but i AM wide-open to new opportunities and excited about what new, unknown as yet, career path that is in my future. Thanks to you and many others for guiding me and others like me through this process. ~ Patrick
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Right and Wrong Reasons for a Career Change

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