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Um Voo Panoramico Sobre O Horizonte Da Midia Digital Global, David Moore


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Published in: Technology
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Um Voo Panoramico Sobre O Horizonte Da Midia Digital Global, David Moore

  1. 1. Digital Age 2.0 Conference David J Moore Chairman and Founder 24/7 Real Media The science of digital marketing
  2. 2. The Digital Marketplace is an Exciting Place to Be! The science of digital marketing
  3. 3. The world of advertising is evolving
  4. 4. Advertising is becoming more transactional Advertisers are becoming more transactional overall – Even within digital itself which is already more accountable than offline advertising channels – Traditional brand advertisers now becoming concerned with measuring performance Advertisers are thinking short term, and focusing on the lower part of the customer purchase funnel Awareness Loyalty Preference Customer Purchase Purchase
  5. 5. Value of advertising networks increases Online advertising networks help publishers leverage premium unsold inventory Networks are a growing force in the digital ecosystem Publishers can work with Agencies multiple networks, + Advertisers alongside their own sales force, with no sales Networks: channel conflicts Publishers can generate Publishers: incremental advertising dollars by working with ad networks Users:
  6. 6. Viral and buzz marketing matters EVIAN Roller Babies
  7. 7. Viral and buzz marketing matters BENSONS FOR BEDS Mattress Dominos
  8. 8. Viral and buzz marketing matters BASKIN-ROBBINS Ice Cream and Cake
  9. 9. Viral and buzz marketing matters QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA The Best Job in the World
  10. 10. Viral and buzz marketing matters MSI Acrobuttocks
  11. 11. Viral and buzz marketing matters MICROSOFT Megawoosh
  12. 12. Online ‘privacy’ and regulation issues There is a growing conversation around the digital media industry concerning self-regulation and privacy issues Leaders need to establish standardization and universal best practice policies and procedures to ease the fears Education is needed to demonstrate the value provided by leveraging anonymous online data Agency/ Consumers Advertiser Publishers • More money to Internet as • More robust content • More value for money advertising channel • More choice • Better able to address • Can support high-quality • More relevant ads customer with relevant ads content for consumer Where is the harm?: Opponents of transparent use of data to enhance relevant advertising cannot show harm to consumers, advertisers or publishers.
  13. 13. The youth perspective Kids’ position regarding media, technology and advertising is changing the way marketers need to think about reaching these customers now in the near future
  14. 14. The Future will be Bright and Interesting!
  15. 15. Obrigado! David J. Moore Chairman & Founder +1 212.231.7101