When Social Media Meets SEO


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At the 2011 Luxury Interactive London conference, Pablo Mauron, Search & Display Business Unit Manager at Digital Luxury Group (DLG), outlined the importance of linking Social Media and SEO strategies and shared DLG's return on experience after 3 years of SEO projets and 2 years of Social Media for TAG Heuer.

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When Social Media Meets SEO

  1. 1. When  Social  Media  meets  SEO The  TAG  Heuer  case Frédéric  Layani,  International  CRM/Internet  Manager Pablo  Mauron,  Search  &  Display  Business  Unit  Manager 24th  of  May  2011,  Luxury  Interactive  London  201
  2. 2. About  Digital  Luxury  Group •   Created  in  2011  (formerly  IC-­‐‑Agency) • More  than  10  years  of  experience  in  the  creation  and  implementation  of  digital  strategies  for  premium  and  luxury  brands. •   First  international  company  solely  dedicated  to  the  success  of  luxury  brands  online •   Headquartered  in  Geneva,  SwiUerland •   Affiliates  in  Asia  (Shanghai)  and  the  USA  (New  York) ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 2
  3. 3. About  TAG  Heuer  (a  brand  of  LVMH) •  1  corporate  website,  15  satellite  websites,  strong  presence   on  major  social  media  platforms. •  >  1’500’000  visits/month  on  TAG  Heuer  websites     (  +17%  yearly  increase) •   >  200’000  fans  on  Facebook  acquired  in  two  years   (~140’000  fans  generated  last  year  –  Apr10  to  Apr  11) TAG  Heuer  has  been  awarded  first  place  in  the  “Watches”  category  of  the  "ʺDigital  IQ  Index”  for  two  consecutive  years. ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 3
  4. 4. Objectives  of  this  presentation •  Share  the  return  on  experience  acquired  during   3  years  of  SEO  projects  and  more  than  2  years   of  Social  Media  for  TAG  Heuer. •  Present  some  key  findings  regarding  the   existing  link  between  SEO  and  Social  Media. •  Provide  strategic  insights  and  actionable   recommendations  to  develop  your  Social   Media  audience  while  reaching  your  digital   goals. ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 4
  5. 5. Some  social  media  opportunities Word-­‐‑of-­‐‑mouth The  Apollo  Project  2011 ROI  generated  in  1  week: •  10,000  fans •  3,000  Facebook  signals •  35,000  articles  indexed  in  Google Source:  Screenshots  from  the  “Apollo  Project”  webcast  –  DLG,  Mar  2011 ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 5
  6. 6. Some  Social  Media  opportunities PPC  Advertising Facebook  Campaigns Targeting CTR ATR Men 0.04% 53% 35-­‐‑50  years Mentioning  TAG  Heuer Friend  with  existing  fans Men 0.05% 41% 35-­‐‑50  years Friend  with  existing  fans Men 0.05% 35% 25-­‐‑60  years Source:  Benchmark  of  Facebook  targeting  parameters  –  DLG,  Jan  2010 ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 6
  7. 7. Do  we  know  our  fans? Who  visits  www.tagheuer.com? How  many  fans  are  part  of  the   CRM  database? Which  models  do   they  own? What  are  their   emails? Who  receives  the  newsleper? ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 7
  8. 8. How  to  break  silos? tagheuer.com (~1.5M  unique  visitors  /  month) ~1,500,000  exact  match  queries  submiped  to  Google  every   month  for    “tag  heuer” Facebook.com/TAGHeuer ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 (~200K  fans) 8
  9. 9. Technical  Insights Impact  of  Social  Media  on  search  engines ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 9
  10. 10. Technical  Insights  about  Social  Signals Google  and  Bing  confirmed  the  consideration  of  social  signals  in  their  search  algorithm  in  Jan  2011(1)  (2) Page  Shared Comments/Likes Tweets (1)  hpp://www.seomoz.org/blog/facebook-­‐‑twipers-­‐‑influence-­‐‑google-­‐‑search-­‐‑rankings (2)  hpp://searchengineland.com/what-­‐‑social-­‐‑signals-­‐‑do-­‐‑google-­‐‑bing-­‐‑really-­‐‑count-­‐‑55389   ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 10
  11. 11. Leveraging  Social  Media  for  SEO  (and  the  opposite) A  few  tips  for  a  hands  on  approach: ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 11
  12. 12. Facebook  as  an  acquisition  channel There  is  no  reason  for  Facebook  not  to  be  your   top  referring  site  (except  if  you  don’t  use  it) ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 12
  13. 13. Facebook  as  an  acquisition  channel About  Facebook.com •  63%  of  reach  on  the  global  tagheuer.com  audience  * •  A  global  post  on  TAG  Heuer’s  wall  generates  ~130K  imp.* F a c e b o o k   c u m u l a t e s   t h e  biggest   reach   on   the   web,   and  an   affinity   close   to   100%   if   we  focus  on  the  fan  base.   *  Source:  Google  AdPlanner  and  Facebook  Insights  –  DLG,  May  2011 ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 13
  14. 14. Facebook  as  an  acquisition  channel •  Since  mid-­‐‑2010,  Facebook  is  the  external  site   bringing  the  most  visits  to  tagheuer.com     •  Facebook.com  is  the  ONLY  website  to  be  listed  in   the  Top  10  referring  sites  in  all  Western  Europe   countries  and  USA •  Visits  driven  by  Facebook  on  tagheuer.com  are   qualified: –  ~4  pages/visits –  Avg.  Time  on  Site  >  3  minutes –  65  %  of  new  visitors ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 14
  15. 15. Tagheuer.com  is  a  fan  maker With  >  1,500,000  unique  visitors  a  month,  TAG  Heuer  online   ecosystem  represents  a  great  opportunity  to  acquire  fans ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 15
  16. 16. Tagheuer.com  is  a  fan  maker •  Integrate  Facebook  (or  Twiper)  on  sections  where  it   brings  added-­‐‑value •  Leverage  on  the  community’s  area  of  interest ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 16
  17. 17. Tagheuer.com  is  a  fan  maker Deciphering  your  fans’  areas  of  interest  will  help  to  integrate  Facebook  to  appropriate  sections: Peak  of  interactions  observed  for  posts  related  to  TAG  Heuer   products  or  ambassadors. Source:  Facebook  Insights  –  DLG,  Dec  2010 ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 17
  18. 18. Increase  your  “FaceRank” ~1,500,000  monthly  queries  for  “tag  heuer”   cannot  be  ignored ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 18
  19. 19. Increase  your  “FaceRank” •  By  nature,  Facebook  benefits  a  strong  authority  towards   search  engines. •  Basic  optimizations  can  help  to  give  more  visibility  to   your  fan  page  (and  twiper  page)  in  Google. ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 19
  20. 20. Increase  your  “FaceRank”  for  SEO The  custom  tab  provides  Google  with  a  page  with  a  source  code  containing  unique  content  with  text,  links  and  image… As  seen  by  the  user: As  seen  by  Google  robots: ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 20
  21. 21. Increase  your  “FaceRank”  for  SEO A  few  dos… …  and  some  don’ts   ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 21
  22. 22. SEO  for  brand  protection First  page  results  are  key  for  replica  sites  and/or  grey  market  retailers  willing  to  “hijack”  the  traffic  related  to  your  brand   TAG  Heuer  Facebook  page   ranks  directly  after  official   TAG  Heuer  sites  contributing   to  secure  the  first  page  results ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 22
  23. 23. Assessment  /  Monitoring  –  Some  KPIs  to  watch QUALITY  VS.  QUANTITY Source  :  World  Watch  Report  2011  –  www.worldwatchreport.com  -­‐‑  DLG  May  2011 ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 23
  24. 24. Key  findings •  The  range  of  Facebook  purposes,  and  its   impact  on  brands,  will  keep  growing     (F-­‐‑commerce,  integration  in  search   results). •  The  digital  strategy  should  not  be   organized  in  silos.  It  must  capitalize  on   each  platform  strengths. •  Building  a  Facebook  community  should   not  be  a  goal  itself,  it  is  “just”  a  means   serving  your  global  digital  objectives. ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 24
  25. 25. Numbers  speaking  louder  than  words… Monthly    queries  for  ”TAG  Heuer”  in  Google  =  ~400,000 Avg.  CTR  observed  for  5th  position  in  Google  =  ~5% If  the  Facebook  page  ranks  in  Google  in  5th  position  for   the  ”TAG  Heuer”  query: 400,000  *  5%  *  12  month  =  240,000  potential  visits  over  a  year Considering  a  theoretical  PPC  of  €0.5  when  advertising  on  Facebook: 240,000  *  0.5€  =  €  120,000  of  potential  traffic  value ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 25
  26. 26.    Pablo  Mauron  Search  &  Display  Business  Unit  Manager    Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA  7,  avenue  Krieg  1208  -­‐‑  Genève  Tel:  +41  22  702  07  61  Fax:  +41  22  702  07  69  E-­‐‑mail:  pmauron@digital-­‐‑luxury.com  Web:  www.digital-­‐‑luxury.com   ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  DLG  SA,  2011 26