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Digital Firefly Marketing Presentation to New Jersey Nursery and Landscapers Association on Digital Marketing


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Our presentation to the New Jersey Nursery and Landscaper's Association on digital marketing and how a small business can use it.

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Digital Firefly Marketing Presentation to New Jersey Nursery and Landscapers Association on Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Who am I? John Cashman Owner- Digital Firefly Marketing• Helped launch 3 companies• 2 - 1 in startups• Ran marketing for the last two. ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  2. 2. What is this? ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  4. 4. And finally... ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  5. 5. Changing World• The Internet is big and getting bigger• People are more connected• People always carry computers ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  6. 6. Ten years ago... Marketing Plan - Get people to call you• Yellow Pages• Direct Mail• Flyers and cold Calls• TV and Radio ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  7. 7. Uh Oh Marketing Plan• 62% of people use the print yellow pages each month• 44 % of people don’t open direct mail• 200 million people on do not call lists• 86% of people skip TV commercials ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  8. 8. What Happened?• Google• Apple• Facebook• Easy to build websites• Email ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  9. 9. New MarketingGet people to contact you from your website • Search Engine Optimization • Pay-Per-Click Advertising • Social Media Marketing • Email Marketing ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  10. 10. Why?• 3 billion web searches a day • 46% for products/services • 20% are for local business• 93% of the U.S. Population is on Facebook• 1 out of every 8 min is spent on Facebook ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  11. 11. How does Search Work?• Google starts with high traffic websites: CNN• Clicks on every link that takes it to many websites• On each website - looks for keywords• On every website it clicks on to the next website and so on.• Each website is indexed for keywords• Every time someone Googles a keyword like “landscaping services in new jersey” Google pulls results from index and ranks them 1 - infinity• Displays first ten according to quality score. ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  12. 12. What is SEO?• How many people have a website?• Search Engine Optimization• Google isn’t THAT smart• Think like you search ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  13. 13. Webpage Anatomy• Keywords in the right places• Title• Images• URL• Header ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  14. 14. Better SEO• Conduct an SEO audit - what keywords are you using?• Blog• Post blogs on Facebook and Twitter ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  15. 15. What is Pay-per-click?• Google makes lots of money• Pay for people searching for terms and bring them to your website• Talk to Google - Free $100 ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  16. 16. I like you.• Why Facebook?• Facebook refers more traffic to website that any website except Google.• Number 2? Pinterest • What’s Pinterest? ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  17. 17. What is Facebook?• Building an audience• First place people get their “news”• What do you give them? • Status updates • Blogs on how tos • Garden calendars • Post once a day ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  18. 18. Your Website• Needs to be sticky• When people visit what do they do? • Surf for information • Get them to download a white paper in exchange for an email • Get them to “like” you • Convert them into a lead ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  19. 19. Automated Emails• Once you convert them now what?• Set up 5 How to guides... • Register on MailChimp • Set up Autoresponders • When someone signs up for one guide, send them the second three days later, the third seven days later and the last 15 days later. • Keep them interested in your name. ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  20. 20. New Rules• All marketing should lead to your website• All marketing should be measurable• All marketing should generate sales ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  21. 21. How to start?• Google Places/Yelp• Your website? Does it need an overhaul? a Blog?• Do it yourself or pay someone.• Start with your website and build out to more advanced stuff• Results in 3-6 months. Sooner if paid ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC
  22. 22. Q&AQuestions and Answers... ©2012 DIGITAL FIREFLY MARKETING LLC