Anametrix Campaign Analytics Data Sheet


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Anametrix Campaign Analytics gives marketers easy access to advanced marketing analytics and a powerful new business framework for evaluating multichannel campaign results. Combining our unique, real-time performance sensor with predictive modeling, Anametrix Campaign Analytics delivers an instant, holistic view of campaign performance across the entire marketing mix. Marketers can measure the impact of traditional- and digital-media buys and company-owned assets like websites and Facebook pages, as well as any interrelationships with mentions, sentiment, virality and other social-media metrics.

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Anametrix Campaign Analytics Data Sheet

  1. 1. Anametrix Campaign Analytics Advanced Campaign Analytics for the New Marketer At a Glance Anametrix Campaign Analytics Anametrix Campaign Analytics delivers a real-time, holistic view of campaign unlocks the power of data, performance across the entire marketing mix – paid, owned and earned media. delivering insights into what Marketers can measure the impact of traditional and digital media “buys” and attracts consumers, encourages company-owned assets like websites and Facebook pages, as well as the them to buy and converts them relationship to social buzz, virality and other earned media. into loyal customers. • Combine and analyze data from paid, owned and earned media • Know how, why and where customers buy • Target new revenue opportunities • Optimize customer metrics and return on marketing investment Driving ROMI with Campaign Insights Superior knowledge from Anametrix Campaign Analytics supports better decisionmaking. Marketers need to go beyond basic campaign metrics to truly understand the highest-value customer segments, geographies and demographics. Campaign Analytics combines and analyzes data across multiple channels, breaking marketing silos to produce an accurate view of how buyers respond to marketing campaigns. Learn not just what consumers do, but how, why and where they buy. “Anametrix lets users compare campaign effectiveness across channels, in real time, enabling quick decisions about which campaigns and channels should be allocated more or less resources.” Marisa Peacock, CMS Wire
  2. 2. Actionable Intelligence We’ve built the reporting capability based on a deep understanding of campaign dynamics and customer acquisition to reveal: • Real-time data correlations across the interrelated mix of traditional and digital media • Easy comparison of campaign metrics, including virality, customer retention, customer lifetime value and Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). • Visibility into the complex relationships of paid, owned and earned media. • Insights into best allocation of resources to optimize ROMI. • Information enabling CMOs to evaluate marketing performance against goals. Accurate insights into campaign performance make it possible to course correct in real time, leveraging emerging trends to segment customers, target campaigns and optimize campaign results. The result – improved return on marketing investment (ROMI) with reduced customer acquisition costs, improved customer retention and higher customer lifetime value. ABOUT ANAMETRIX Anametrix transforms businesses with marketing analytics. We collect, analyze and make sense out of data across all channels in real time to enable marketers to discover new truths about customers, prospects and the market at large. Anametrix delivers 360-degree visibility into business data to uncover new trends and hidden correlations, explore new relationships and deliver a bigger and more predictable impact on revenue. Founded in 2010 by the trailblazing web analytics team behind WebSideStory, Anametrix headquartered in San Diego, CA. CONNECT WITH US 858.558.8230 5414 Oberlin Drive, Ste. 200, San Diego, CA 92121