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Create toolkit-barcelona-5oct10

  1. 1. CReATE Toolkit: Practice & Benefits David Furmage – Author of Toolkit Policy, Strategy & European Project Specialist West Midlands, UK [email_address] Barcelona 5 Oct 2010
  2. 2. Profile – West Midlands, UK Population 5.3 million 9% of the UK population Birmingham, 2 nd City only to London Diverse mix of cultures
  3. 3. Regional Strengths in West Midlands… 25% UK Games Production Birmingham major digital creative hub for UK vibrant social media Talent. Higher education. Easy to reach. low cost serious games UK hub, co-funded SGI, global thought leader active Film UK leader digital media
  4. 4. Environment for Business & Innovation embracing collaboration, thinking ‘outside the box’ € 20m over 4 years including Digital Media Innovation Fund, with Channel 4 TV = 4IP Agencies working together for business transformation Screen West Midlands, Digital Birmingham, Business Link Global markets need a Global approach open to partnerships/projects in Europe & beyond
  5. 5. CReATE Toolkit – towards excellence Successfully trialed in 4 Regions Aims How it works – practical - step-by-step What Outcomes you can expect Presentation Outline
  6. 6. aims Help cluster managers understand and develop key sectors in their region. Get stakeholders to agree a Joint Research Agenda around where growth, what threats. Improve collaboration/innovation between business, research inst. and agencies. Toolkit works for high growth knowledge Sectors not just creative/digital. Increase stakeholder understanding of their own specific opportunities & threats Raise Profile of sector in region & beyond Do all this in a Step-by-Step guide by cluster people with cluster managers in mind! launching Nov 10 at select downloads
  7. 7. Joint Research Agenda Visual & Interactive Experiences Tools of Productivity & Automation Digital Distribution Mobility & Interoperability User-producer Interaction in Development also download Joint Research Agenda select downloads
  8. 8. 5 stages…. Toolkit Unpacked
  9. 9. Collecting & analyzing the right data Defining your cluster Asking the right questions Validating your SWOT analysis Create a cluster map Toolkit takes you through what you need to do step-by-step…
  10. 10. Toolkit Unpacked
  11. 11. Get a perspective on global trends Refine SWOT & STEEPV Bring stakeholders and experts together through workshops Agree joint actions
  12. 12. Agree your own regional research plan and cluster priorities Develop partnerships & potential projects – in region & beyond
  13. 13. Launch your plans Provide match-making opportunities for business & research Influence policy & point to funding Get REAL projects and joint ventures off the ground Increase your clusters profile
  14. 14. Skip Stage 5 – lessons learnt …
  15. 15. Practical Tips on running CReATE Feedback & tips from the Regions … … case studies … It was Important to… be very specific about genuine strengths identify common challenges and aspirations be aware of culture differences – e.g., between IT people & ‘Creatives!’ sessions must include broad view of global trends…
  16. 16. Benefits using the Toolkit – It will help your stakeholders… Join the CReATE approach Join our linkedin group European Digital Creative Network
  17. 17. thank you for listening David Furmage [email_address] Policy, Strategy & European Project Specialist 18-22 Oct 2010