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LinkedIn Groups have changed in appearance and functionality. This presentation was created to help my LI group members understand and navigate the new design and functionality. It applies to other LinkedIn groups as well.

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Linked in groups have changed

  1. 1. LinkedIn Groups Have Changed August 28th, 2013 Rochester NY, Residents Group
  2. 2. New Group Landing Page
  3. 3. Group Menu Bar Section
  4. 4. Members Hotlink 1) “members” Hotlink
  5. 5. Members Screen
  6. 6. Group Information Hotlink 2) Group “i ”nformation Hotlink
  7. 7. Group Information Section
  8. 8. Group Profile Hotlink 2a) Group Profile Hotlink
  9. 9. Group Profile Screen
  10. 10. Group Rules Hotlink 2b) Group Rules Hotlink
  11. 11. Group Rules Pop-Up Window
  12. 12. Group Settings Hotlink 2c) Group Settings Hotlink
  13. 13. Group Settings Window
  14. 14. Sharing Hotlink 3) Sharing Hotlink
  15. 15. Sharing Pop-Up Window 3 Share Type Checkboxes
  16. 16. Share Type A - Updates 3a) Sharing Updates
  17. 17. Share Type A – Update Choices 3a1) Sharing Update Choices Check to “Tweet” Update
  18. 18. Share Type B – To Group(s) 3b) Post to Group Group Post Inputs
  19. 19. Share Type C – To Individual(s) 3c) Message Individuals Message Inputs
  20. 20. Sharing Edit Option-Warning! Edit Option
  21. 21. Sharing Edit Option-Warning! Do Not Change Do Not Modify (Leave alone or completely blank out) Violate this and you will be Banned from my groups!
  22. 22. Sharing Pop-Up Window With All Options Checked
  23. 23. Discussions Section 4) Discussions
  24. 24. Starting New Discussions All Discussion Types Are Started Here 4a) New Discussions Click in text area to begin
  25. 25. Starting New Discussions Inputs and Type Selection Discussion Title / Description – will appear in bolded type, has 200 char max Additional info / explanation area– will appear in unbolded type, larger area Discussion Type Selection: 3 Options (Choose wisely)
  26. 26. Promotions Section 5) Promotions
  27. 27. Promotion Section Layout
  28. 28. Jobs Section 6) Jobs
  29. 29. Jobs Section Layout 6a) Paid Job Listings Shows by default on landing in section 6a1) Filters for Paid Job Listings
  30. 30. Jobs Section Filters on Paid Job Listings 6a1) Filters expand / contract by clicking on + / - buttons Higher level LI accounts like “Pro” get more filters. Filters do not apply to postings by group members, which is what shows under “Job Discussions.”
  31. 31. Jobs Section Layout 6b) Job Discussions (i.e. Group Member Postings)
  32. 32. Job Discussions What our members post here (free)
  33. 33. Search Section 7) Search
  34. 34. Search Section Layout 7b) Latest Activity 7b) Pending Submissions 7a2) Search Term Input area 7a1) Discussion Filters
  35. 35. Search Discussions 7a1) Discussion Filters
  36. 36. Clicking a Filter Lists Those Discussions Clicking a Filter Lists Those Discussions Input search criteria for listed discussions
  37. 37. Latest Activity 7b) Latest Activity
  38. 38. Pending Submissions 7b) Pending Submissions
  39. 39. Rotating Carousel of Manager’s Choice Discussions 8) Rotating Carousel Discussions Marked as a “Manager’s Choice” will appear here and rotate every so many seconds shortly after landing on the main discussions page.
  40. 40. See All Members These two hotlinks do the same thing
  41. 41. Getting to Groups In case you missed that change Click on “Interest” and choose Groups
  42. 42. Your Groups Screen
  43. 43. Endnotes • This presentation is in no way endorsed or supported by LinkedIn. It contains various trademarks and copyrights owned by LinkedIn. The purpose of this presentation is to educate users of the LinkedIn platform, and in particular, members of the Rochester, NY Residents Group. • Terry Eberhart, Owner/Manager of the Rochester, NY Residents Group.