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Ecommerce Summit 2019


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Brussels Airlines Presentation

Published in: Technology
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Ecommerce Summit 2019

  2. 2. Nice to meet you! Heidi De Cloet @Brussels Airlines since 2016 Head of Digital Marketing and CRM
  3. 3. Meet Brussels Airlines • Leading Belgian Airline • Part of Lufthansa Group • We fly you from Brussels Airport to Europe, Africa, North Atlantic • 40% of our passengers book their ticket through or our App
  4. 4. Meet the digital traveller • Changing consumer behaviour • On average, it takes +44 touchpoints to book an airline ticket • When starting to look for air travel….6 in 10 users … … do not yet have a brand in mind … are deciding between 2 or more destinations Google data
  5. 5. Our challenges
  6. 6. WE NEED TO STAND OUT… … by creating BRAND relevance & preference … by creating CHANNEL relevance & preference Banks Telco …
  7. 7. • Putting the customer at the center • Consumer is CURIOUS IMPATIENT DEMANDING … and expects SEAMLESS SPEED PERSONALISATION Need for an integrated ecosystem & digital mastery
  8. 8. OUR CHALLENGES IN A DIGITAL WORLD • Fierce competition in battle for customer ownership • Focus on driving profitability • Bye bye funnel, hello customer journey It’s key to be present at the right time on the right device targeting the right costumer with the right message and content
  9. 9. Towards digital maturity Think big …Start small …Scale fast
  10. 10. BUILDING BLOCKS TO SHIFT TOWARDS AN INTEGRATED AND DATA-DRIVEN APPROACH Integrated technology stack Buy-in from top management & Mind-set shift in organisation Expertise and support from external partners Keeping business objectives & customer at core Credibility will grow through accountability
  11. 11. Dynamic re-marketing use case • Engage with users who left website without purchasing • Fully automated dynamic re-marketing banner • 121 message and relevant Ad • Optimisation of marketing budget & creative asset cost => new scalable opportunities Impressive first results: CPA decrease of 157% CTR increase of 60% • Destination • Language • Pic • Price feed (from Google flights) are dynamic!