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Digital Transformation Summit 2019


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Alexa, your best enemy ? By Etienne Gonsette.

Published in: Technology
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Digital Transformation Summit 2019

  1. 1. Alexa, your best enemy ? From the expert to the inducer Etienne Gonsette
  2. 2. It’s time now to present to you … Maybe … Your future colleague ? Your future client ? Your future friend ? Is it really science fiction ?
  3. 3. Not really, more than 100 millions Alexa sold at the end of 2018 (worldwide) It’s just the beginning of something new, different and not defined yet
  4. 4. The reason why of the remaining technologies You really need it Has to be very simple Has to be very useful ALWAYS QUICKLY ADOPTED Declared or undeclared Technology Usage Market share increasing drastically I want to feel helped in my daily life for a lot of different demands Don’t want to use my laptop and write something, just the voice Every subjects, wishes, wants, … The personal assistant based on AI, no keyboard, no screen, just with the voice and the ears
  5. 5. Alexa ? 100,000,000 of VA sold Roger’s Law. Adoption curve of new technologies.
  6. 6. Disrupting …. Isn’t it? How did we get there ? “The best way to understand where we are going is often to understand where we come from”
  7. 7. In fact due to the interaction of three different phenomena 1. The way we communicate An incredible evolution 2. The third party principle Decisional process (?) 3. The disruptive digital process Fast & Furious
  8. 8. 1. The way we communicate
  9. 9. An incredible evolution of our vision of communication & advertising The Golden Age Until the 90’s (20th C) The Digital Age Until the 20’s (21st C) ? The Connected Age (IoT - AI) From the 20’s (21st C) ? NTIC NBIC
  10. 10. An incredible evolution in how we define our targets Mass media Target = the member Social media Target = the influenced Connected media objects Target = the induced < 20’s - XXI > 20’s - XXI< 90’s
  11. 11. An incredible evolution in how to define the consumer behavior Consumer The brand has the power Prosumer We have the power Insumer (ed) The AI (VA) has the power < 20’s - XXI > 20’s - XXI< 90’s
  12. 12. An incredible evolution in how we create communication strategies The expert The influencer The inducer < 20’s - XXI > 20’s - XXI< 90’s
  13. 13. 13 Do you think you provide high level services/products ? Brands 80% Do you agree ? : Clients 8% Source Bain & Company (2013) I love you Neither do I
  14. 14. Emotional gap Emotional Gap !
  15. 15. 15 39 % Adblockers (FR) – 31% (NL) in Belgium (25-34 years UBA 2018)
  16. 16. 2. The principle of the “THIRD PARTY”
  18. 18. Evolution with VA (AI – IoT) Algorithm . . .
  19. 19. Media to AI (as a media itself)
  20. 20. Examples ? Micro-trading Real Time Bidding “Disrupting the marketing digital space” (*) (*) : from website
  21. 21. New challenges generate by the algorithm (AI – IoT) regarding the communication sector Constantly challenged since the 90s Who will decide ? The algorithm or us ? The daily practice of our profession becomes obsolete HUMAN ADDED VALUE DECISIONAL PROCESS ABILITY Toward a new definition of Added Value for our profession? Toward a new definition of our autonomy for our profession? Toward a new definition of our individual objectives for our profession?
  22. 22. 3. The digital disruptive process
  23. 23. Transformation about the senses we use to stay informed or communicate Mainly hands – eyes – ears (magazine, newspaper, Outdoors, Radio, …) Mainly eyes – voice – ears (multimedia usages and voice search) Mainly voice – ears (the messages from your personal assistant) < 20’s - XXI > 20’s - XXI< 90’s
  24. 24. Transformation about the notion of “expert” and legitimacy A person recognized as a professional A group of people under mutual accepted influence An algorithm with the personal assistant (AI) < 20’s - XXI > 20’s - XXI< 90’s
  25. 25. Transformation of our “role” as a consumer Passive Active Induced < 20’s - XXI > 20’s - XXI< 90’s
  26. 26. Transformation about the measure and the data’s Mainly descriptive data Mainly predictive data Mainly cognitive data < 90’s < 20’s - XXI > 20’s - XXI Human input Required data
  27. 27. 27 39 % Adblockers (FR) – 31% (NL) in Belgium (25-34 years UBA 2018)
  28. 28. He is fully dedicated to you A part of you No one (will) know you better than your personal assistant Samsung Personal Assistant He follows you everywhere (Omni connected – IoT) Only information with real added value (unique and fully personalized) that you want to hear “He/She” becomes a member of your family But your personal assistant, talking to you (and only to you), is different
  29. 29. 29 39 % Adblockers (FR) – 31% (NL) in Belgium So will you say “No!” to your personal assistant, the new member of your family?
  30. 30. 4. Virtual assistant tomorrow ?
  31. 31. And to end with, let me present to you… maybe (yes again ☺) Your future colleague ? Your future client ? Your future friend ? Hologram Gatebox from Japan – Already sold out ! (2700 $)
  32. 32. So who will be your client? (your target in fine) This one ? Or this one?
  33. 33. In a few years … … really a member of the family (?)
  34. 34. Not in a few years… already 2 years ago Presidential Election - 2017 Hologram of JL Melenchon The Hologram Tour (BASE) - 2018 Callas, Presley, M. Jackson, …
  35. 35. 5. Conclusion
  36. 36. • Algorithms already can fire you – Amazon workers (AI control your behaviors) • Algorithms already are judging you – Estonia government (a robot judge you) • Algorithms already are spying on you – China social security (160 millions camera) • And many other examples… The dark side of the connected age (AI/VA/Algorithms/…)
  37. 37. • VA can help depressive people (or loneliness) • VA can help cardiac people (IoT) • VA can help you discover new worlds (music, art, countries, food, people, …) • And many other examples… The bright side of the connected age (AI/VA/Algorithms/…)
  38. 38. So, what will happen ? Who knows ?