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5 trends to fuel your Marketing Success


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IBM Marketing Cloud

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5 trends to fuel your Marketing Success

  1. 1. Despoina Stefanoudaki Senior Manager Professional Services, IMC 5 Trends to Fuel Your Marketing Success
  2. 2. % of consumers say the average retailer understands them IBM and Econsultancy - 2015IBM Marketing Cloud
  3. 3. IBM and Econsultancy - 2015 81% of companies say they have or are close to having a holistic view of their customers The Great Customer Experience Divide IBM Marketing Cloud
  4. 4. % the marketing messages from companies are “usually relevant” IBM and Econsultancy - 2015
  5. 5. Source: Ipsos OTX/Google Holiday Shopping Intentions Survey Wave 1: (Q11). In which of the following ways do you think you’ll approach your Holiday shopping? 44% Research online and purchase online 51% Research online prior to store visit 32% Research online, visit store to view product, then return online to purchase 17% Visit store first, then purchase online
  6. 6. It’s time for a change IBM Marketing Cloud
  7. 7. Deeper Understanding, Better Experience IBM Marketing Cloud
  8. 8. Look-alike modeling transforms the role of social in list growth TREND #1 IBM Marketing Cloud
  9. 9. Meet the next big acquisition source: Social IBM Marketing Cloud
  10. 10. IBM Marketing Cloud
  11. 11. Example: Children’s Clothing Brand IBM Marketing Cloud
  12. 12. Your business currently looks something like this: IBM Marketing Cloud
  13. 13. Social-powered look-alike models are an win/win proposition for you the marketer IBM Marketing Cloud
  14. 14. Retargeting reaches unprecedented levels of cross-channel sophistication. TREND #2 IBM Marketing Cloud
  15. 15. We’ve all had ads follow us around the Internet IBM Marketing Cloud
  16. 16. What does this mean for brands?  Brands will continue to invest more in paid social media so their ads are seen.  By 2017, 1 in every 5 dollars to social ads  Brands will seek social tools to help them get the most out of every ad dollar.
  17. 17. What if you could deliver smarter ads? IBM Marketing Cloud
  18. 18. Example: Football gear IBM Marketing Cloud
  19. 19. The old display advertising model IBM Marketing Cloud
  20. 20. IBM Marketing Cloud
  21. 21. Social media and automation will combine in new ways to improve the customer journey TREND #3 IBM Marketing Cloud
  22. 22. Social will continue to be intertwined with people’s lives IBM Marketing Cloud
  23. 23. Social media advertising offers a huge opportunity IBM Marketing Cloud
  24. 24. Connect the (data) dots IBM Marketing Cloud
  25. 25. Deliver a more personal experience IBM Marketing Cloud
  26. 26. Example: A prospect browses a product on your website but doesn’t complete a purchase IBM Marketing Cloud
  27. 27. Video moves to center stage in the marketing mix TREND #4 IBM Marketing Cloud
  28. 28. Why now is the time for video: Internet speed/mobile data plans Social/mobile viewing sites Simpler video production IBM Marketing Cloud
  29. 29. 60% YouTube video viewing hours are up 60 percent over 2014 1/2 Facebook video grew 94 percent from 2013 to 2014 with 50 percent of U.S. Facebook users watching at least one video a day Mobile accounts for more than half of all YouTube video views - YouTube -Statistics - YouTube - Statistics - Facebook IBM Marketing Cloud
  30. 30. Video engagement can drive revenue too IBM Marketing Cloud
  31. 31. Loyalty programs expand across channels and touch points. TREND #5 IBM Marketing Cloud
  32. 32. The future: Pull in behaviors from across systems and devices to inform custom offers and communications across channels The past: Driven by purchases only and limited by data silos IBM Marketing Cloud
  33. 33. Find new ways to add value IBM Marketing Cloud
  34. 34. CONCLUSION Your customers are plugged in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across a variety of channels and devices. IBM Marketing Cloud
  35. 35. In 2016, challenge yourself and your team to get more collaborative and innovative: Greater agility Better data Sharper tools Increased personalization IBM Marketing Cloud
  36. 36. Thank You Despoina Stefanoudaki Senior Manager, IBM Marketing Cloud