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Spot.Us for News Publishers


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How and why to use Spot.Us - for news organizations.

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Spot.Us for News Publishers

  1. 1. Spot.Us For News Organizations How and why to use it!
  2. 2. How Does it Work? •Freelance reporters upload pitches. •Can be a freelancer of your choice. •You can get involved on editorial if no other news organization already is. Just ask! ( BONUS: If you put down half the cost of reporting - we will try to raise the other half. You’ll get first publishing rights.
  3. 3. No One/Right Way to Use Spot.Us Use Spot.Us to.... • Don’t fundraise - use it to find new freelance talent. • Fundraise for a journalism event. • Double your freelance budget. • Raise money for a fellowship/internship. • Crowdsource reporting “Assignments.” Ask us about possibilities.
  4. 4. Common Questions • Individual donors never make editorial demands. • Spot.Us only applies editorial oversight upon request. Otherwise we’re hands off. • Participating news organizations only asked to apply same rigor as they would to any other project they undertake. But to be transparent in that process.
  5. 5. What’s in it for You? •Access to high quality content you can republish. •The ability to double your freelance budget. •Introductions to new talented freelance writers. •A more meaningful relationship with readers. Much easier to explore this space through Spot.Us then to build a dynamic fundraising system yourself. Trust us ;)
  6. 6. Advice on Using Spot.Us •You have the audience - the hard part to fundraising is taking the first initiative. Ask...... With a large enough readership, one can easily fund a pitch. You just have to....ask. To discuss the approach:
  7. 7. Now is the Time to Be Bold • ONWARD..... We love meeting other folks in the news world - never hesitate to contact us! email: