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  1. @Digidave Cofounder and Chief Strategy Of fi cer of Subtext David Cohn Nominated #2 Most Innovative Company in Music 2023 by
  2. Texting with the Audience for Engagement and Revenue Goal: Let’s learn and discuss how to effectively build SMS campaigns to increase engagement with readers, including strategies on how to reduce subscriber churn, gain new subscribers and improve the quality of editorial content.
  3. Two principles in my thinking
  4. The Medium Defines the Message The inverted pyramid might not have happened were it not for the invention of the telegraph. The thing to know about the telegraph is that in its day it was as revolutionary as the Internet. In this age of instantaneous communication and "live late-breaking news," it's hard to imagine the reality of communications technology 150 years ago when it took two days for a letter to travel from Washington to New York, and a letter to the West Coast took a month by stagecoach or steamer via Panama.
  5. The Best Mobile Experiences are Native How you tell a story depends on how a person consumes it. Video Games Photo Sharing News
  6. Genuine connections with your audience over text. Capabilities Deck
  7. Prioritized Engagement Platforms 69% 37% 22% 20% Source: Pew Research Center, 2019
  8. Meet your audience where they’re at Source: Pew Research Center, 2015 State of Texting 2019, ZipWhip 90+% Open Rate 98+% Text 85% Report 1 hour response time
  9. Why text? Privacy aka no trolls Immediacy aka no app needed Relevancy aka no algorithms
  10. Email Text VS
  11. Initiate new sign ups and bring your existing audience to the platform. Acquire. How it works. Generate a feedback loop that will improve your content and encourage referrals. Maintain. Create intimate connections through unique content broadcasted via text. Engage. Drive site traffic, improve CTR, promote products & events, and monetize subscriptions. Activate.
  12. Use text to supplement existing retention strategies with a free offering that reduces churn & adds value. Retention. Paid, premium subscriptions for fans who want insider access to the personalities and experiences they love. Subscription. Anyone can sign up for free so that you can start direct conversations with your audience via text. Engagement. Campaign types.
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  24. So you’ve got an audience… Now what!?!
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  26. Newsletter Looking for some easy, cozy meals? We've got you covered — here are some of our favorite recipes from this week: 🍗 This Is the Most Impressive, Lazy Dinner I Know: https:// rig:ObitlkpR 🥘 Ina Garten Uses a Key Ingredient to Make the Ultimate Beef Stew: 🧀 This Recipe Forever Changed the Way I Make Grilled Cheese: +1 (917) 383-0669 Need some cooking inspiration? We've got dinners, dessert, and more for you this week: 🥪 This 3-Ingredient Costco Recipe Is My Family's Most- Requested Dinner: https:// rig:ObitlkpR 🍗 The Sweet Secret to Perfectly Crispy, Glossy, Golden Chicken Thighs: 🥘 Galbi Jjim Is the Umami- Packed Cozy Comfort Food You Need This Winter: https:// rig:ObitlkpR +1 (917) 383-0669
  27. Beat Updates Hi there, its Candace. I bet you're wondering about this tropical blob near the Yucatan. Models are in good agreement that it will track near/over Florida by Fri-Sat, but where the discrepancy lies is with HOW MUCH rain we will see. Check out the graphic - it shows the big difference between two forecast models. Hurricane Hunters will be going in to investigate this afternoon to hopefully get a better picture of its health. In the meantime, we all should remain mostly dry today with temperatures near normal in the upper 80s to near 90! +1 (407) 553-9422 Audience engagement and fi lling content gaps between episodes
  28. Breaking News evacuation orders, the washout on Main Street in Soquel and more from the latest weather system here: bfg +1 (831) 387-7783 Parts of Highway 1 fl ooded due to the Pajaro River levee breach, prompting a full closure of the road between Riverside Road and Salinas Road. There is no timetable for reopening. Another 2 to 3 inches of rain are expected to fall on lower elevations in Santa Cruz County, and up to 5 inches are forecast for parts of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Tap the link below for the latest in Storm Central.
  29. Commerce TGIF! Hope you brought your popcorn because we wore a GIANT top hat to the movies! I don't know why it's such a big deal... it's a nice hat. 🧐 Watch it now on Happy Presidents Day! 🇺🇸We're celebrating by offering 25% off all website memberships with code PRESDAY! Best part? The discount lasts forever as long as you're a member! If our founding fathers had access to this deal, they'd be all over it. 😉 Don't miss out! Visit to sign up! Ross Creations Creating a new, monetizable communication channel
  30. Want updates on another ward? Reply with WARD and the number (Ex. 5th Ward: WARD 5) To fi nd your ward, reply MAP Block Club Segmentation Find which ward you live in here: bit.lywyn1qu For info about your aldermanic race, reply with your ward formatted WARD# (ex: 1st Ward, reply WARD1). Map WARD 1 Hey, 1st Ward neighbor! Here’s everything you need to know for your local election: 3kLfVoO If you have questions, text us anytime. Owned audience and data derivation related to audience
  31. Subscriber Retention 1532 Enter it on the signup page and press Verify to continue. Punchbowl News You’ve made a great decision. You’ll now get breaking news texts from punchbowl News. Save us in your contacts so you know its us. You can text us STOP at any time to unsubscribe. Happy Thursday morning. It’s the team at Punchbowl News, here, in your texts. Thanks for signing up! We’ll begin sending you critical breaking news texts next week. Be sure to save us in your contacts so you know its us. Punchbowl News.vcf Contact Card - 22 KB Converting listeners from casual listeners to dedicated fans
  32. Lisa Halberstadt Lisa Halberstadt here. New regional data explains why San Diego doesn’t seem to be putting a dent in its homeless crisis. For every 10 homeless people who moved off the street in the last year, 13 became homeless for the fi rst time. Read my latest: Personal… And Service Haven’t voted yet? Our team has you covered with all of the insights and analysis you need in our 2022 election hub.
  33. +1 (587) 705-0456 Hello folks, Thanks so much for sticking with us as we fi gure out the new CBC Lethbridge bureau. Yep, it's fi nally happening!! I'm Saloni Bhugra. I will be moving down this week, then handing it off to a reporter from Lethbridge, Ose Irete. We were also here in September, asking people what they love about Lethbridge. The arts scene, the weather, and the coulees ranked high. Do any of those ring true for you? Want to share a picture? What do you love? I'm thinking that might be a good place to start : ) Text me anytime. Your guidance and feedback have been just SO valuable. Engage the Audience Creating more participatory experiences for listeners
  34. Inspiring Content Good afternoon, this is The Texas Tribune. As some of you have told us, Texas has a lot of elections. Why, and does that lead to lower turnout? We looked into your questions. It's the state's original mistrust of government that, ironically, fuels the long list of ballot items voters face. But there are a lot of reasons for low turnout. You can read why here: trib.itj Plus, we have a glossary of statewide of fi ces: What other questions do you have about our electoral process? And why does voting matter to you? We also want to highlight the importance of voting. Thanks for reading! The Texas Tribune
  35. TEXT “HELLO” To 1 (707) 209-7272
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  38. Use Case USA Today expanded their Olympic reporting with texting. Highlights Alex’s campaign amassed thousands of subscribers over the course of the Olympics. She reached her subscriber goal about halfway through the games. Welcome to the Tokyo Olympics with USA TODAY! I’m Alex Ptachick, reporting from Tokyo to cover all the action at this year’s *very different* Games. I’ll be your eyes and ears in Japan giving you a behind-the-scenes take on the biggest news, on and off the fi eld. Have questions? Hit me up! With my texts, I’ll be putting the spotlight on the most popular sports, and keep you up-to-date with news. Want to customize text updates? Reply back with one of these (or multiple, one in each text): SPORTS NEWS Let the Games begin! USA Today
  39. Value Prop To deliver Short List subs the day’s headlines with a link to the full newsletter via a channel with a 95% open rate. A shot felt around the country. We’ve made a landmark step in the country’s fi ght against the pandemic – health care workers across the U.S. have begun to receive the fi rst COVID-19 vaccine doses. Meanwhile, the Electoral College made President-elect Joe biden’s win of fi cial. And William Barr is out as attorney general. Here’s the news you need to know Monday: The Short List The Short List (USA TODAY) Use Case Subs spend LONGER on articles than other readers 43% DOD growth in the fi rst 2 weeks 18% opted into election campaign too
  40. Value Prop To bring deal seekers and smart shoppers inside access to Reviewed’s favorite products and sales. Morning! It’s Kate from Reviewed, reminding you that if you haven’t started holiday shopping yet, time is TICKING! In case you need some inspiration, here are some of our favorite gift guides Gifts for women: Gifts for men: Gifts for kids: Who are you still shopping for? Let us know and we can send you another gift guide or two to help you out! Reviewed Nearly 200% DOD growth in week one 1/3 of subscribers surveyed wanted more texts per day 8.5% engagement rate vs. 5% average on platform Reviewed Deals (Gannett) Use Case
  41. First-half thoughts as Iowa leads Minnesota, 39-37? Good start, shaky fi nish. Odd stat: 9 Iowa 2-pointers in the fi rst 9 minutes, 0 in the fi nal 11 minutes. Iowa fortunate that Minnesota just 4- of-17 form 3. I mentioned Fredrick earlier, he’s not one to hurt the team but he might have to shoot out of this slump. Bohannon is playing great (8 points, 6 assists, 0 turnovers), probably needs to shoot more TBH. Garza with a quiet 15 points haha. I think Iowa inches away and wins by 7-10. Famous last words J . Hawkeyes Value Prop To offer Hawk Central subscribers breaking news, exclusive info and inside access to Chad Leistikow’s reporting and the team. Small talk about the Hawkeyes Results Use Case 38% campaign growth 2019 to 2020 70% of Des Moines Register sports subs opt into texts 50% fewer unsubs to Hawk Central compared to non-texters
  42. Poll time… Who do you think will start at QB for Tennessee vs. Auburn? (Note: The wording is “will” start, not “should,” if that affects your answer.) A. Guarantano B. Bailey C. Maurer D. Someone else. Tennessee Football Value Prop To bring GoVolsXtra subscribers breaking news, exclusive info and inside access to Blake Toppmeyer’s reporting and the team. 11% overall engagement rate vs. 5% average on platform 57% campaign growth 2019 to 2020 Engagement rate 50%+ repeatedly on survey broadcasts Tennessee football news and analysis Results Use Case
  43. Value Prop Dallas Morning News food writer Sarah Blaskovich breaks news on restaurant trends and openings, and offers individual subscribers custom recommendations for a night out. Over 78% average weekly sub growth in fi rst 4 weeks! 5%+ of text Subtext audience converted to DMN digital subs after a single ask Dallas Morning News “Subtext is a great way to chat one-on-one with our readers, and so far, it’s the best I’ve found to show readers that our journalism is worth paying for.” Sarah Blaskovich, Food Reporter @ Dallas Morning News Use Case You won’t believe it, but it’s almost impossible to get a reservation at some Dallas restaurants. Here’s why: If you can’t read this story, fo to If you can read it, thank you for your loyalty to the Dallas Morning News! We work hard to bring you food stories you won’t fi nd anywhere else. Dallas Morning News
  44. Value Prop To bring The Globe and Mail audience a new recipe each day leading up to Christmas. Average 370 new subscribers per day 53% DOD growth in week one 24 Treats of Christmas Use Case “Because we’re texting out recipes, they’ve asked us questions if they’re unclear on something before they start baking — or while they’re in the kitchen making it — that has led us to immediately tweak the way the instructions are written online. That kind of feedback doesn’t often appear in the comments on our site.” - Lori Fazari, Digital Editor 24 Treats of Christmas Community 53% DOD growth in week one Average 370 new subscribers per day Value prop: To bring The Globe and Mail audience a new recipe each day leading up to Christmas. Lori Fazari Digital Editor Because we’re texting out recipes, they’ve asked us questions if they’re unclear on something before they start baking - or while they’re in the kitchen making it - that has led us to immediately tweak the way the instructions are written online. That kind of feedback doesn’t often appear in the comments on our site.
  45. Revenue Opportunities Subtext uniquely offers a built-in subscription platform allowing you to stand up a new revenue stream via SMS. Users would sign up for texts at a rate decided by the customer. Your organization would receive 80% of the net revenue each month, after associated fees are paid. Example • Total Subscribers: 500 • Subscription cost per month: $4.00 • Total messages sent and received: 10,300 Monthly Net Revenue Data Costs Subtext Share (20%) Owed $2,000 $251.80 $349.64 $1,398.56