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International Symposium - Take 2



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International Symposium - Take 2

  1. 1. Participatory Journalism I’m David Cohn
  2. 2. Some Good Company.....
  3. 3. AT MY VERY BEST 10 presentation points to the first person that names this character.
  4. 4. I HAVE GREAT NEWS!!!!! “The era of a passive reader isn’t over............
  5. 5. • it never existed. R.E.M.L.
  6. 6. What do we mean when we say..... “Participation” Cliffs Notes: It means doing things together..... Easier now: Just imagine organizing last nights drinkup without Twitter.
  7. 7. Participation has many forms Distributing the work load Citizen journalism User generated content distributed reporting Pro/Am Lends itself to certain types of reporting
  8. 8. Community Funded Reporting! • Distributing the financial load This is a form of participation....
  9. 9. Community Funded Reporting
  10. 10. What’s the public perspective? Transparency and Control They set the agenda a menu
  11. 11. Spot.Us Community Making Contact (NRP) “it made me feel empowered” East Bay Express Won a national award from the National Council on Crime and Delinquency
  12. 12. Oakland Tribune The I “Hella” Hate Potholes Bike Hunt
  13. 13. From the Journalism Side • Freelancers pitching the world
  14. 14. Freelancing 30 years ago • Not that different today. • It is an opaque process
  15. 15. Seven Small News Organizations KALW New American Media Oakland Local Placeblogger
  16. 16. Reporting Happens in Public • The process of writing this crowd-funded story and of blogging about it is going to be a new experience for me. The old method of writing a story was to get approval from your editor, and then the story was something of a secret except for those who needed to know. When you were done, you published your story and you wowed the city with it, and made your competitors at other Seattle daily newspapers curse that they hadn't thought of it first. (Or, at least that was the fantasy that we journalists had.) • So what's the process now? It's developing, that's for sure. I would be very interested in hearing suggestions for aspects of the story to cover, or things you'd be interested in reading in the blog.
  17. 17. What about Scoops! Transparency • “For well-informed participation to occur, it is argued that some version of transparency, e.g. radical transparency, is necessary, but not sufficient.”
  18. 18. Why Experiment? • Rule of the Internet: Cheaper/ Easier to try than to debate about trying. • Stems from “Agile and Iterative” Fail early, fail often - try again.
  19. 19. You can steal this idea! • No joke: There are several ways - ask me how.
  20. 20. P.S. It’s My Birthday!!! You have a choice Buy me a beer later Donate to Spot.Us Or clap extra loud as I finish....