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Mr Bonneau IDATE Device Cloud


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Published in: Technology
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Mr Bonneau IDATE Device Cloud

  1. 1. Kingdom battleVincent BONNEAU, Head of Internet Business Unit, IDATE
  2. 2. Device vs Cloud ? Device Assets Cloud Assets  Hardware control  Device-agnostic Larger scope of usage Stronger performances Multi-screen Local storage (can be used for caching)  Innovation through combination  Pre-installed services Easierdiscovery Upfront position  Higher level of personalization Not anymore a cloud/device battlebut more a cloud platform battle… more or less close to the device 2
  3. 3. OT (On Top) Device is king?Platform directly dependent fromthe device  Strong link between the device and major services (Blackberry/emails, iPod/iTunes, Sony/ PSN, etc…)  To a lesser extent Samsung/BadaPlatforms and services as aleverage to sell devices  Revenues from apps are marginal compared to devicesMoving anyway also to the cloud 3
  4. 4. OTT (Over the Top)Device-centric Platform is king? Leveraging the OS to push a platform/store Whose platform?  Google : Android, Chromebook, GoogleTV, etc …  Nokia/Microsoft partnership  Telcos initiatives around WAC Partnerships of players with different objectives  Selling devices, services, connectivity 4
  5. 5. OOTT (Over Over The Top)Content-centric Platform is king? Putting a platform on … another platform  Facebook (Mobile) Platform  Amazon store on Android Leveraging its attractiveness  To attract users around a key service  To attract developers (pricing, technical features, outside store) Obviously a potential fight for revenue sharing deals 5
  6. 6. OOOTT (Over Over Over The Top) Cloud-based Content is king?Content progressively availableon all platforms  Just cost arbitrage, not looking for platform exclusivity  Pushed by all content providers (and even platform providers for their standalone services)Multi-screen bundling throughfree apps for paid contents  Payonce, Use everywhere and …  …share no revenues and no dataApp visibility is still an issue 6
  7. 7. Who is the king ? Content ? Content-centric platform ? Device-centric platform ? Device-related platform ? Device ? 7
  8. 8. Device and content are kings, but facing the imperial platformsAll platform players have different objectives … but compete  Stilllooking for the same user accessing the same content  All players extending their activities : ad network, payment system, etc… Aggregate (personal) data and monetize themFor platform players, device may become more important than content  Content is hardly exclusive  Same content, same user … but different device  All players now pushing for partnershipsHTML5 as a game changer?  Less need for device control 8