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3 Social Media Strategies for Photographers


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3 examples of successful social media strategies for photographers

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3 Social Media Strategies for Photographers

  1. 1. +91-9004350022 3 Social Strategies for Photographers Social Media Content Strategy Tips
  2. 2. +91-9004350022 Influencer Centric Photographs Photograph social media celebrities or popular social events to build popularity via social channels Example: #TAD365 by @RoycinD
  3. 3. +91-9004350022 Photo Series Themed series of photos clicked regularly over a week/month/year are very marketable & tend to be popular Example: Carli Davidson
  4. 4. +91-9004350022 CrowdSourcing What can a photographer crowdsource? Thoughts about his photos and the people’s favorite picture in a set! (Tyson is not doing that now but you can read more about it) Example: Tyson Crosbie
  5. 5. +91-9004350022 THANK YOU Contact us for a chat on social for your business!