Perspectivas do Mercado Digital - Fabio Coelho Google PARTE 3


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Perspectivas do Mercado Digital - Fabio Coelho Google PARTE 3 - DIGITALKS DAY SÃO PAULO, 29 de novembro de 2011.

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Perspectivas do Mercado Digital - Fabio Coelho Google PARTE 3

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  2. 2. Fragmentacao - Oportunidade audience fragmentation is now an opportunity
  3. 3. What Your Viewers Are Watching Experiencias Individuais ESTABLISHEDESTABLISHED Universal UniversalSTABLISHEDESTABLISHED Universal Universal Universal Music Music Music Music Music NY NY NY NY Group HBOGroupESPN HBO HBO Times CBS CBS Group Group HBO CBS Group Times ESPN ESPN ESPN ESPN Times HBO Times CBS CBS TED ESTABLISHED ESTABLISHEDESTABLISHED ESTABLISHED broadcast HBO MondoNY Times Next Mondo MondoNew New New ESPN Next New Universal Music Group Next Mondo CBS Next Jonas Jonas JonasMedia Media Media Media Networks Jonas Networks HowcastHowcastHowcast Howcast Networks Networks BrothersBrothersBrothers Brothers Mondo Mondo Next New Next New made for web Jonas Mondo Next New MediaMondo Media New Next Networks THE “NEW” Mondo Next New T THE “NEW” MAIN THE “N Jonas NEW NEW NEW MEDIA Howcast Howcast Networks Networks Jonas Media NEW MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA Brothers Brothers Howcast Brothers Jonas Howcast Media Jonas Howcast Media Networks Networks Jonas HowCast Mondo Media Next New Networks Brothers Brothers JK THE “NEW” MAINS Charlie Bit Figglehorn Fred“NE JK Fred Fred THE Figgle Charlie Bit Figglehorn Fr Charlie Bit THE “NEW” MAINSTRE JK JK Charlie Bit NEW MEDIAEDIA NEW MEDIA WeddingWeddingWeddingWedding Me Me Me THE “NEW” M Me NEW MEDIA NEW MEDIA Video Video Video Video UGC JK Fred Figglehorn Dance Bit Dance JKBit Fred Figglehorn JK Charlie Bit My Finger Charlie Charlie Dance Dance Charlie Bit Fred Figgleho JK Wedding Wedding Me Double Rainbow Rebecca Black Wedding JK Wedding Bit Me Me Video Charlie JK Figglehorn Fred Charlie Bit Video WeddingVideo Me Dance Wedding Me Dance Video Dance Video Dance Dance O Over 10,000 10,000 10,0 Over content con Over par WEB HIT MAKERS HIT MAKERS WEB WEB WEB HIT MAKERS HIT MAKERS
  4. 4. Plataformas e Canais orquestrados social mobile out of home television online
  5. 5. Science and Creativity comingand strategically targeted unbundled togethercontent and ads can be to the relevant demographic and device
  6. 6. Viewthrough reporting Campaign Insights Frequency Above-the-Fold Capping Remarketing IBA Tight Targeting Conversion Optimizer $5B run-rate Category Exclusion Display Ad Builder Expandables Auto-Optimization 3PAS Flash Ads Placement Ad Planner PerformanceSmart Pricing Content bids Reports Site Exclusion Video ads CAT2 Targeting Placement Targeting Category TargetingFirst image ad Q2 2004 Q2 2005 Q2 2006 Q2 2007 Q2 2008 Q2 2009 Q2 2010 8
  7. 7. Low Topic Targeting Interest Placement Keyword Targeting Contextual Categories Endemic Targeting placementsConversion Rate Product terms Keyword Contextual Targeting Display Brand terms Campaign Optimizer Remarketing Homepage Remarketing Search Landing Page Remarketing Product pages Remarketing Abandoned shopping cartHigh 9 Low Cost per acquisition High
  8. 8. Efeito Amplificador creativity & interactivity improve impact 63% interactive vs non-Interactive ads increase in brand recall
  9. 9. Gerador de Eficiencia
  10. 10. Branding, Engajamento e Performance Digital helps build BRANDS Sound, Sight Measurement and Motion and Analytics Reach and Interaction and Efficiency Transaction
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