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Expo Digitalks 2011 - Marketing Digital - Brent Payne


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Apresentação de Brent Payne no Expo Digitalks sobre Social Media para SEO

Published in: Technology, Business
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Expo Digitalks 2011 - Marketing Digital - Brent Payne

  1. 1. Social Media to Feed SEO Brent D. Payne @BrentDPayne SEO & Social Media Bald Guy
  2. 2. SEO 101 Popularity LinksAuthority Trust Popularity SimilarRelevance Authority Content @BrentDPayne
  3. 3. Social Media Helps Create More Links to Your Site @BrentDPayne
  4. 4. I’ve Heard the ExcusesI Don’t Like . . .• Facebook• Twitter• DiggThese Sites Don’t Fit My Brand . . .• Reddit• StumbleUpon[Insert some other excuse here]• Blah• Blah Blah• Blah Blah Blah Blah @BrentDPayne
  5. 5. And Some Half-educated Whining . . . But Social Media Doesn’t Drive Traffic • Twitter • Facebook But Social Media is Empty Calories Traffic • Digg • Reddit • StumbleUpon I’m Not Paying You to . . . • . . . Be on Facebook All Day • . . . Send Tweets • . . . Make Stupid Comments on Digg @BrentDPayne
  6. 6. 300+ Choices. Pick One. Get Social.Which Sites Will You Use? @BrentDPayne
  7. 7. Make It Easy to Be Social! @BrentDPayne
  8. 8. Formula: The Social Media TitleThe Viral Content Formula:• [Number] [Adjective/Superlative] [Key Phrase] [Media Type]Examples:• 10 Movies that teach you how to commit crimes.• 10 iPhone finance apps that count.• 16 Drinks named for authors and their books.• 25 Reasons it’s great to be an IT guy (or girl).• Morgan Freeman’s 5 most memorable movie moments. @BrentDPayne
  9. 9. Social Media Balance
  10. 10. BEWAREOF NOFOLLOW @BrentDPayne
  11. 11. But Remember the Secondary Benefits Scrapers Blog/Site Modules Increased Awareness @BrentDPayne
  12. 12. Example of How Twitter Can Build Links Brent’s A God! 147 Retweets Follower Reach 1,841,336 3,502 Visits in 24hrs 512 inbound links in 24hrs! @BrentDPayne
  13. 13. Twitter Account Types: News Feed Create a News Feed from RSS • Use your most frequently updated quality content • Do NOT ‘at reply’ users from this account • Do NOT follow people back from this account; follow your own accounts @BrentDPayne
  14. 14. Twitter Account Types: Employees Allow Employees to Tweet • Set some ground rules about proprietary information • Underscore that company grievances should be addressed with Human Resources • Provide information to employee about libel/slander and the consequences • Allow them to promote the company and the competitor • Allow them to be genuine and personable • Give them freedom to be themselves in all aspects of their lives • Understand and accept that mistakes and issues will occur • Do NOT officially endorse them @BrentDPayne
  15. 15. Twitter Account Types: Celebrities Force Celebrities to Create Accounts • Make it a job requirement to have a Twitter profile • Give them freedom to be human (i.e. complain about their commute) • Get them to interact with their followers (follow them back, at reply, DM, etc.) @BrentDPayne
  16. 16. Twitter Account Types: Brand PersonaCreate a Brand Persona• Create a character that your audience can connect with personally• Spend time to create a decent avatar• Mimic your brand perception or mimic the target audience demographic• Create a detailed personality, writing style, interests, etc. for the persona• Be sure to have the persona engage with the audience via ‘at replies’, ‘direct messages’, and even send event invites• Keep who’s behind the ‘veil of Oz’ private, always• Do NOT allow those behind the veil to inject personal opinions inconsistent with the brand persona• Make it your brand’s social media face @BrentDPayne
  17. 17. Get Big Fast: Promote Your Profiles Make Your Audience Aware • Use your readership of print media to promote your twitter profile • Use your viewership of television to promote your twitter profile • Promote your twitter profile to your listeners via radio • Don’t forget the easiest of them all… your website visitors! @BrentDPayne
  18. 18. Get Seen: Use Twitter Directories Use Twitter Directories • List yourself in the top Twitter directories • WeFollow, Twellow, Muck Rack, etc. @BrentDPayne
  19. 19. Engage the Locals: Have a Tweetup Tweetup = Local Engagement • Invite top referrers or bloggers specifically • Pick a decent venue that can handle 2x expected turn out • Utilize event sites like EventBrite or • Have one or two celebrities attend to create a draw • Clarify dress code, theme, location, food or no food, etc. • Promote the Tweetup from all profiles POUH YOUR COMPETITOR • Have large nametags available and plenty of pens • Take lots of pictures and post them publicly • Remember to MINGLE! • Do NOT buy the alcohol! @BrentDPayne
  20. 20. Take Off The Gloves: PoachPoach Your Competitor’s Followers!• Follow those that follow your competitor…and engage with them POACH YOUR COMPETITOR @BrentDPayne
  21. 21. Get A Little Dirty: Cheat/Automate Twitter Automation • Auto-follow all followers of a particular user • Auto-follow all those that a particular user follows • Auto-follow those that follow you • Auto-follow those that tweet a particular keyword • Auto-follow by geography • Auto-unfollow anyone that isn’t following you • Only follow those that have x number of followers but under y number • Only follow those that have tweeted at least x number of times • Only follow those that have a non- default profile image • Setup a tweet for a later date and time • MUCH, MUCH, MORE!! @BrentDPayne
  22. 22. Facebook
  23. 23. Welcome PageConsistent Brand Image• Ties your website and other advertising into your Facebook presenceEncourages Fans• Ability to encourage people to ‘like’ the pageReputation Management• Protects new potential fans from seeing potentially negative comments on your wall
  24. 24. 30 Million Fans• Huge Audience! Huge Responsibility!!Negative Comments• Coca-Cola has two negative comments in just the past 30 mins  MonitorYour Wall!
  25. 25. Facebook PhotosAllow Tagging of Photos• Allow users to tag photos of your brand in photos• Increased visibilityMonitor for Misuse or Bad Branding• Illegal activity, inappropriate behavior, etc.
  26. 26. Virtual Viral Gifts• Get fans to get you more fans from their friends Promote!Sweepstakes/Contests• Run sweepstakes or contests• Be careful of Facebook rules
  27. 27. So That’s Popularity…Now Let’s Talk About Relevance! Popularity Links Authority Trust Popularity Similar Relevance Authority Content @BrentDPayne
  28. 28. Be Relevant!• Discover what the world is talking about• Discover how the world is talking about• Discover when the world is talking about it• Discover where in the world they are talking about it• Discover why the world is talking about it• Discover who to engage with when talking about it• TALK ABOUT IT TOO! @BrentDPayne
  29. 29. SEO: Where Do I Start?Weather What are Sports people Local searching for? News How can I find Movies out?Fashion Politics Food Horoscopes Travel @BrentDPayne
  30. 30. Related Terms & Estimated Volume (Month Lag)
  31. 31. Google Hot Trends: IntroductionList of Top Search Terms • Shows highest volume search terms by percentage of increase • Updated every hour on the hourPowerful for . . . • Breaking news • Historical top terms by date • General Education on Searcher Behavior @BrentDPayne
  32. 32. Google Hot Trends: An Indication of Hourly Search TrendsHotness Factor• Volcanic – Extreme volume, usually high competition• On Fire – High volume, considerably less competition• Spicy – Strong volume, not worth chasing unless it’s a hyperlocal term or you’re a small site though• Medium – Medium volume, not worth chasing afterOther Things to Consider• Graph – Watch it and catch terms while they’re still peaking• Related Searches – Use them in your content to differentiate in high competition times @BrentDPayne
  33. 33. Google Trends: Compare Search Volume by TermsCompare multiple terms to determine which term receives the highest volume of searchtraffic.Use the drop down menus to change the date range and regional data sets.
  34. 34. Geo-Specific Keyword Research? Use ‘Google Insights for Search’ Discover the top volume search terms by category and geography Discover fastest rising search terms by category and geography
  35. 35. Geo-Specific Keyword Research? Use ‘Google Insights for Search’ Discover the top volume search terms by category and geography Discover fastest rising search terms by category and geography
  36. 36. Geo-Specific Keyword Research? Use ‘Google Insights for Search’ Discover the top volume search terms by category and geography Discover fastest rising search terms by category and geography
  37. 37. Contact Us for More Details SEO & Social Media Director Phone: 312.324.3344 Email: Twitter: @435DigitalBrent D. Payne – SEO & Social Media (435 Digital is a Tribune Company)Twitter: @BrentDPayneFacebook: More SEO & Social Media Presentations: