B!digital & facebook februari 2011


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B!digital & facebook februari 2011

  1. 1. Click to edit Master title style Van Heuven Goedhartlaan 935 Facebook Social Technology 2011 1181 LD Amstelveen The Netherlands
  2. 2. Presentation • Who are we? - Buongiorno - B!Digital Netherlands • Why does your company needs Facebook? - Statistics • Facebook ecosystem • Get started with a fanpage • How do I get Fans? • How can we help you? • Cases
  3. 3. Buongiorno Group• Italian multinational specialized in mobile media.• Revenue of 259 million euro in 2009.• 54.5% average growth since 2000.• Listed to the Milan Stock Exchange.• Over 1,000 employees in 24 offices worldwide.• Presence in 57 countries on five continents.• Direct connections to over 130 operators, ISPs and media groups.• Top 3 player in 8 of the most important mobile markets.
  4. 4. B!Digital The Netherlands 2011
  5. 5. Facebook
  6. 6. Why does your Company need Facebook?1. 637m users in the world. This makes Facebook as large as worlds third country2. Strong engagement platform: An average Facebook user spends 55 minutes per day on Facebook, logs in twice a day and 50% returns daily3. Facebook makes Google nervous. In March 2010 Facebook.com surpassed Google.com in visits (US).4. Facebook fans spend more money, are loyal and create word of mouth: • Facebook fans spend more money ($71.84 per year more than non-fans) • Fans are more loyal in continuing using a brand (28 % more likely than non- fans) • Fans recommend your product to other fans (41 % more likely than non-fans) Facebook has 637m users who constantly share who they are, where they live, what they like and what they want So take part in the conversation!
  7. 7. Facebook penetratie Nederland – Februari 2011 Number of Facebook users in The Netherlands: 3 774220 User Growth: Facebook Netherlands User age: 77% betweenUser Age Distribution: Facebook 18-44Netherlands • Men: 49 % • Women: 51 %
  8. 8. The Facebook ecosystem Social ads Facebook offers the possibility to reach only the target audience that is relevant for your Brand/Promotion. Targeting can ben The Like Button based on many demographic variables and When you click on the “like” button, a social interests, and they can promote fb link to that page is added to your Pages, Applications or external resources. Facebook Profile and a story is shared with your friends Updates That page can also keep you updated through News feed your News Feed ApplicationsFacebook Pages Building an application on Facebook givesPages are the best way for brands to you the opportunity to deeply integrate intoconnect with their audience and create a the core Facebook experience and create acommunity. Once a user connects to a seamless experience as users browsebrand page, the page can communicate by Facebook.sending updates on the User’s wall
  9. 9. Get started with a fanpage!
  10. 10. Using Fanpages for interaction• Brands can create a presence with a fan page that looks and behaves like User Profilesto connect and engage with customers and amplify their voice to their friends.• Your Facebook page is a mini community which you have to keep alive with socialactions to engage your fans. Thereby you create interaction which equals viral marketing
  11. 11. Fan Pages: actions
  12. 12. Fan pages: Engaging your fans on facebook with applications• Applications are designed to enhance the user experience on Facebook withengaging games and useful features like Events and Photos.• Users can interact with applications and share their actions with their friends, giving more visibility and triggering the viral effect.
  13. 13. Fan pages: 12 reasons for fans to “like” a company page1. to receive discounts and promotions 40%2. to show my support for the company to others 39%3. to get a “freebie” 36%4. to stay informed about the activities of the company 34%5. to get updates on future products 33%6. to get updates on upcoming sales 30%7. for fun or entertainment 29% 39 % becomes a fan for brand8. to get access to exclusive content 25% affilliation reasons9. someone recommended it to me 22%10. to learn more about the company 21%11. for education about company topics 13%12. to interact 13%(Bron: ExactTarget 25 augustus 2010)
  14. 14. Fan Pages: Insights• Brands can monitor their facebook community through a set of detailedmetrics about fans and their behavior within the page. • Several insights are available to page owners: • Demographics • Countries/Cities/Languages • Fans growth • Media consumption • Page views • …
  15. 15. How do I get fans? GET FANS!
  16. 16. Facebook advertising– A new way of targeting Unlike “traditional” online display advertising, facebooksocial ads are targeted on the user’s profile rather than onthe properties they might visit: is therefore possible to showads to specific groups of users based on their behavior andthe personal information they share on the site, raisingconsistently the advertising efficacy. Structured Unstructured Location Activities Age/Birthday Interests Facebook users can be Gender Music reached by detailing Education TV adverts on their profile through a wide array of Workplace Movies structured/unstructured Relationship Books targeting variables Sexual Groups Preference Language Applications
  17. 17. Facebook Rest-of-side Ads Standard can link to an external URL or within Facebook Event Links to Event Page. Users can RSVP straight from the ad These ads follow the user as they Connection navigate Facebook. They appear Links to the Facebook everywhere except for the Page. Users can Like Homepage the page straight from the ad
  18. 18. Premium Ads on the homepage
  19. 19. Premium adsThese engagement ads appear on the Facebook homepage. They generate a Newsfeedstory on the Notification Wall and create a big viral effect due to the recommendationsusers see from your friends. Premium ads can be displayed as a reach block (homepagetakeover for a day) or targeted based on Cpm rates. Like Engagement Ad Comment Ad Event Ad Standard Ad Poll Ad Sampling Ad
  20. 20. Best Practices for a good campaign1. Use a definite call-to- action when buying CPC ; click now, find here, win, forfree etc.2. Use colorful, outstanding photograph’s , symmetric faces work really well.3. Close-ups of symmetric faces work really well.4. Be rather vague, don’t tell everything you have to say in the body text, givethem a reason to click5.Use text only in the body or titles, text in the images is not advisable.6.Use at least 5 different images, titles and body text to optimize.7. Think about how you can seduce your audience best, make different images formen and women/ young and old.8. Relate to the social context of Facebook.9. Learn by your mistakes! Make better campaign material based on the results ofthe first week.10.Be original!
  21. 21. Go beyond the click to discover what’s really valuable. When you use engagement ads or “like” ads to promote your app or fanpage also look at the percentage of clicks came that from social endorsement. The viral effect of your campaign relies on 1)Social impressions: ad impressions that include social endorsements 2)Social clicks: clicks on ads that originated from an ad with social endorsements B!Digital can give you insight in the viral effect of your campaign.
  22. 22. How can B!Digital help you? B!Digital is preferred partner forFacebook advertising Facebook NL & BE. • Advice - How to build a successful Facebook campaign Facebook appointed 2 Account • Buying Managers to B!Digital NL, which - Give estimations for the expected amount of means we have 24/7 support. clicks/views - Billing Facebook Our ad management interface is - Setting up premium ad campaigns integrated with the Facebook API and is the most sophisticated • Campaign management management and optimization tool - Analyzing for social advertising. - Monitoring - Optimizing: Intelligent targeting, target on B!Digital delivers performance friends of “likes” based advertising upon superiorFan pages targeting and dynamic messaging • Design and development • Applications and gadget implementations • F Connect (connecting websites to Facebook) • Building and moderate communities
  23. 23. Guidelines for setting up promotions: 5 basic rules1. Read the Facebook promotion guidelineshttp://www.facebook.com/promotions_guidelines.php3. Don’t call Facebook your“partner”4. Understand local rules, and how they can affect your Facebook promotion5. Heed Facebook’s formatting requirements You can only administer a promotion through an application on the Facebook Platform and you can only have users enter the promotion in specific locations on your Page. Either the canvas Page of an app or an application box in a tab on your Page may be used for entry into your promotion on Facebook.6. Don’t require Facebook actions like “Like” “Tag”, “Share” Many advertisers on Facebook neglect this rule. However your page can be deleted when pursuing to use these actions for promotional purposes. You can’t ask people to tag or share content in order to enter a contest. You can however require to “like” to enter a promotional tab on your fanpage.
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  28. 28. Facebook advertising via mobielB!Digital is Lays partner in the mobile voting part of their “Maak de Smaak” campaign.Since Facebook recently launched Facebook connect for mobile we tested with alandingspage connected to social media platforms like Hyves, Twitter and of courseFacebook.1. Send a vote to 4411 and receive a mobile landingpage: m.lays.nl 2. Share your vote on Facebook3. A “Maak de Smaak” post is published on your Newsfeed 4. Friends see the post and will betriggered to vote also at www.lays.nl.
  29. 29. Contact Web www.buongiornodigital.com Adres Van Heuven Goedhartlaan 935 1181 LD Amstelveen Telefoon +31 (0)20 530 87 60