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Published in: Lifestyle
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  1. 1. Opportunity Problem Porn sites: Low user loyalty and time on site Users: Search manually, Interrupt to change video, No physical feelings Solution Increase users loyalty: SaaS porn video personalization with AI & API for IoT devices: Sensors, Sex toys, Neirostimulation
  2. 2. Product Competitive advantage No direct ready-to-use competitors General porn site Advanced sites (like Pornhub) Site with PorNeiro Recommended video Not personalized Not personalized Personalized Search on tags inside video No Manually Automatically on meta-data IoT, VR devices sync No VR All types
  3. 3. Market Customers Porn site networks Sex toys producers Porn sites 40% of all internet users 10% of all websites $20 billion industry
  4. 4. Businessmodel Business model B2B – subscription with porn site networks, revenue share partnership with sex toys producers Plan 0,5% customers from 200K active sites $600 annual revenue per customer $600K annual revenue CAC $500 LTV $3600
  5. 5. Team&Whatisdone Sergey Product 5 y experience Passion on using AI Done: Model of the video personalization Nikita Tech 1 y experience Passion on IoT development Done: API for IoT devices, vagina prototype Andrey Marketing 3 y experience Passion on innovations Done: Competitors and customer research
  6. 6. Partners&Funding Ready to partnership 1 small network of porn sites 1 sex toys e-shop 1 startup with IoT sensors 25% of porn site users ready to try Looking for funding $70K for the MVP in 6 month Skype: sergfeldman