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Published in: Healthcare
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  1. 1. DocAssist powered by AI DocAssist
  2. 2. Problem Low doctors’ availability upon a high load (heavy workload) caused by time-consuming repeatable routine daily grind
  3. 3. 85% of doctor’s time is a repeatable groove spent on filling papers
  4. 4. 15%of time is dedicated to patients
  5. 5. They’re trying to struggle it by creating templates and complex systems… but it doesn’t work
  6. 6. Doctors reviews Developers reviews EHR system devs: That’s crazy!)) I’ve got 80 physicians and they apply to me to change the tamplates everyday… Well, you give people access for at least a month and they will produce the original template settings correctly, not as accustomed! Chief MD: “My surgeons always telling - “... one comes with haemorrhoids, then fistula, polypus after that…, an d every time several paragraphs of text are required for each disease…”, “I wonder what maximum template may be, because I heard that they create treatise))
  7. 7. Personal doctor's assistant that analyzes the doctor’s working algorithm and boosts the interaction with patients Our solution
  8. 8. Doctor inputs the patient’s data and vitals DocAssist shows the actions for the doctor according to the previous doctor’s work experience Result Nicky Hilton Co Founder 0402 70 12345 1102/108 Albert Street, Brisbane QLD 40 Symptoms input DIAGNOSIS ANAMNESIS RECOMENDATIONS Diagnosis input CARE PLAN
  9. 9. Care plan without groove CARE PLAN
  10. 10. Demo
  11. 11. As a result DocAssist boosts and optimizes the doctor’s workflow and …
  12. 12. … сollects actionable knowledge of a variety of smart assistants forming a big live database
  13. 13. Next steps
  14. 14. Ready Validated Idea Prototype Focus group Potential clients 1
  15. 15. Traction MVP - testing - overpatch - preorders EHR integration Product2 3 4
  16. 16. Team Artur Verba Telemedicine company CEO eHealth business developer Sales, marketing, product development Andriy Zayats IT4Medicine CEO eHealth Expert Marketing, Strategy Bohdan Serdenko MD, PhD at cardiology and cardiac surgery. Viacheslav Osaulenko PhD student (Computational neuroscience) application of ML Melnitskiy Artem software engineer Backend , data pre-procesing Yulia Snitko UI/UX designer