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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. BOTGUN chatbot platform
  2. 2. “As the number of mobile apps increases, it’s getting harder to download, set up, manage and switch between so many apps on our mobile device. (c) TechCrunch
  3. 3. 2016 - bot conversational year Telegram Launched Bot Platform April 2015 Skype Launched Bot Platform in Beta in March 2016. Messenger Lounched Bot Platform on 12 April 2016 …
  4. 4. Viber 236M Snapchat 200M WeChat 650M WhatsApp 1B Line 215M Facebook Messenger 800M Kakaotalk 48M Skype 300 Telegram 100M Our clients are those who wants to get piece of that pie.
  5. 5. “Chatbots could replace Mobile Apps, and Facebook wants them on Messenger. But most businesses don’t have the resources or technical skills to build chatbots themselves. (c) TechCrunch
  6. 6. Solution WordPress for chatbots ;)
  7. 7. Our benefits: No Coding No Infrastructure In right place Pay for what you use Integration
  8. 8. Business model - Freemium Bot Template Market Free to Start monthly $ per active subscribers
  9. 9. Template for restaurants Chat-bot waiter, newsletter, table reservation, check availability, nearest restaurant search
  10. 10. Our team Evgeniy Kasyanenko Sales Launched first school startup in Ukraine – Schoolinfo Gleb Minenko Sales Founder and CEO of Ukraine’s leader in energy saving technologies Evgeniy Glushenko Developer Developed and owns 4 big online shops Max Ternovenko Team Lead 10 year in IT. 2 startups left. Know how to not to do start ups
  11. 11. Botgun join bot revolution