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Ai for drone navigation


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Published in: Technology
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Ai for drone navigation

  1. 1. AI for Drone Navigation The next step for autonomous drones
  2. 2. Safety for people and environment
  3. 3. Navigation in the GPS-denied places
  4. 4. Legal Regulation Compliance
  5. 5. Solution for THE WHOLE Industry
  6. 6. Solution
  7. 7. Solution
  8. 8. Business Model Device Software Platform Technology Adoption Open-source Hardware Open-source Software Proprietary +open API Subscription Royalty
  9. 9. Autonomous Systems Lab Competitive Advantages ● High resilience to signal loss ● Operation in GPS-denied regions ● Collision-free flight ● Precise localization ● Rapid response time ● M2M ecosystem ● Key components prototyped
  10. 10. ● First-mover ● Enabler to new businesses ● Robust company model ● Technology adoption model ● Regularisation-aware ecosystem Competitive Advantages
  11. 11. Education: Theoretical Physics, Applied Math Experience: Computer Vision Machine Learning Image processing Education: LVBS, MS in Technology Management Experience: Law Investments Banking Experience: IoT Data Science Software Architecture Education: National Aerospace University, Computer Science Education: Automated control systems Experience: Sales Marketing Business Management
  12. 12. Making the world a better place! :) Thank You!