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Government Organizations and Digital Media by Natia Sirabidze


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Ms. Sirabidze discussed how media and social networks influence public opinion in Georgia, as well as how the government currently uses digital media. She will also propose strategies for how the Georgian government can reach their audience more effectively, while being accountable and transparent.

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Government Organizations and Digital Media by Natia Sirabidze

  1. 1. DIGITAL COMMUNICATION AND GOVERNMENT Speaker: Natia Sirabidze Batumi, Ajara, Georgia
  2. 2. Digital reality
  3. 3. Kids start being bloggers in their 14
  4. 4. Natia Sirabidze PhD student (BSU) MA in Mass Communication (UCF); MA in Media Management (GIPA) • 8 years of being a journalist/media manager • 10 years of teaching/training/couching • 11 years of working in PR and Marketing • 9 years -management position in the government • Author of a book and scholar articles • Member of European Cultural Parliament • Member of European Journalists Association • Member of EPAG Board
  5. 5. Adjara Autonomous Republic
  6. 6. Media Landscape in Georgia • 98 TV channels • 90 Radios • 317 newspapers • Thousands of Online media including news agencies, blogs, websites. 50% - internet penetration 28% of Georgians rely on one source of information, the rest use multiple
  7. 7. Main Source of Info by NDI polls in 2017
  8. 8. Ajara Government Public Relations Policy Document • Aimed at creating PR standards, procedures, institutional habit to be proactive, transparent and accountable; • Using effective tools for public outreach, initiating two-way communication and involvement in decision making process; • Using modern technologies for receiving complaints/information and providing feedback; • Maintaining effective internal communication; • Enhancing Crisis Management tools/technologies.
  9. 9. Ajara Government Public Relations Activities • Unified Public Outreach Campaign • Unified digital calendar for activities of gov bodies • Balancing news agenda using digital platforms and discussions • Created Media groups • Effective Online Feedback tools • Proactive publishing of documents online
  10. 10. Government’s Unified Web Portal • Functions • History • Structure • News • Services • Projects/Programs • Legislature • Quarter/Annual reports • Biographies • Contact information • Strategic documents • Useful Links • Tenders/contests • Job openings • Budget • FAQ • RSS • Gallery of photos and videos • Feedback windows • Live chat
  11. 11. After a year •Raised positive coverage from 3% to 27 % •Diminished negative coverage from 14% to 2.5% •Enlarged neutral coverage
  12. 12. Agenda Setting today • 50% internet penetration • Around 55% of media content is created according the press-releases • Online Media is highly commercialized, though cheap • Georgian politicians are highly visible online
  13. 13. Ajara Government Survey results • 70 % of the Ajara Gov bodies subscribe to online media • 80% boost posts on FB • 100% monitor and react to social media posts
  14. 14. Ajara Gov usage of Digital platforms: • Web page – 88% • Facebook – 100% • Youtube – 47% • Twitter – 5% • blogs – 5% • Actively use infographics/short stories and pictures from the events
  15. 15. FEEDBACK • Moved from Public Hall meetings to Web page  Facebook  Telephone  Mail Reason: citizens and gov do not consider official letters unless they are hard copy and signed.
  16. 16. Utmost openness Facebook Lives by press officers Facebook lives arranged by opposition party members even from closed meetings Public regrets via Facebook
  18. 18. WeChat in the name of stability • Banned social media western created • Over 950 mill users of WeChat • access to internet via WeChat • Active use of wechat for propaganda, publicity and one direction communications • Collecting deleted messages, controlling profile editing, filtering messages • Creating WeChat identity card • WeChat pay • Protecting from overnight revolutions
  19. 19. Who sets agenda? Bernand Cohen (1963): “The press may not be successful much of the time in telling people what to think, but it is stunningly successful in telling its readers what to think about.” I would say: Nowadays Digital Media is becoming more and more influential and tells people not only what to think and what to think about, but also HOW to think about.