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Enter e-Estonia. The coolest digital society by Margus Arm


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Mr. Margus Arm is the elD Domain Manager at the Estonian Information System Authority, where he plays a key role in removing the security risk of the Estonian eID cards. He is responsible for key proposals and leading the team developing technical solutions. Mr. Arm concurrently works as an Independent Business Consultant, focused on PKI, e-Identity, and Mobile ID. He previously worked as a Common Functions Baltic IT Development at SEB, a leading Nordic financial services group, where he was responsible for pan-Baltic project management, cross border digital signing and secure authentication. Mr. Arm has a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration from Tartu University.

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Enter e-Estonia. The coolest digital society by Margus Arm

  1. 1. enter e-Estonia Margus Arm eID domain manager State Information System Authority, Estonia ©Copyright the coolest digital society
  2. 2. a modest country that extends beyond its borders + population: 1.3 million + area: 45,339 km2 + currency: Euro + member of: EU, NATO, WTO, OECD, DIGITAL 5 + ICT sector: 7% of GDP Finland Russia EST Europe Latvia Lithuania Sweden Poland
  3. 3. CORNERSTONES OF E-ESTONIA + Unique Identifier + Secured Digital Identity (under eIDAS) + Secured Data Exchange (in Estonia X-road) + ICT and eID infrastructure + Legislation and policies + E-Services
  4. 4. Unique IdentifierPersonal Identity Code ©TõnuRunnel + Generated at first registration in population registry + Same from birth to death + Unique combination of numbers formed on the basis of the person ́s sex and date of birth + Handled as open data + It is not an access key, It’s just an identifier
  5. 5. electronic ID The strongest identity. © + 94% of ID-cards + mandatory over 15 years + with PKI certificates + 12% of PKI based mobile-ID + 12% of Smart-ID + e-Residency + 60% of eID-s are in active use + 20M transaction per month
  6. 6. Data exchange + agreed data Exchange protocol, not a „one big“ database + over 900 connected organizations, databases + over 500 million transactions per year + saving 800 years annually The busiest highway of e-Estonia – X- Road from 2001.
  7. 7. eID software in Estonia Government provides tools Service providers provides benefist/values Simplest and fastest eID environment. ©EAS + Libraries for systems and software developers + End user desktop app - (e-signing, card maintenance, data encrytion/decryption), free of charge for citizens + Web browser plugins + Container based e-Signatures + Win, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS supported + All components are free of charge to use and open-source ( )
  8. 8. Legal basis The strongest competence. + eIDAS regulation + National law for eIDAS implementation + Qualified e-Signature definition = „Digital Signature” + Identity Document Act
  9. 9. eID use cases The bravest story of transformation. ©AnneliArusaar eID + unique identifier = just a key! • Works as SSO (Singel-Sign-On) • One key to open all doors (more than 3000 eServices/Applications are online) • Banking (in EE more than 75% of eID transactions done by financial sector) • Communicating with the government (taxes, applications, i-voting etc) • Health sector (medical data, book doctor’s appointment, e-prescriptions) • Different eServices (self-service portals, eShops)
  10. 10. empowering Easiest life: only getting married or divorced and selling real estate cannot be done online. Yet. First card was issued 02.2002 Online authentications since 2002: 670 M Given digital signatures since 2002: 495 M 100 M digital signatures / year Saving time: 1 week per capita (2% of GDP) ©TõnuRunnel
  11. 11. .
  12. 12. Do we actually know who is in front of the computer? Peter Steiner New Yorker Magazine 1995
  13. 13. ©JohannesArro Thank you for your attention Margus Arm