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Victoria Davies (Discovery): Enotna vsebina – dopolnjena v razpršenem medijskem prostoru


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Victoria Davies (Discovery): Enotna vsebina – dopolnjena v razpršenem medijskem prostoru

  1. 1. DISCOVERY INSIGHTS‘Multi-tasking’ acrosstechnology platforms isbecoming increasinglycommonplace
  2. 2. DISCOVERY INSIGHTSMULTI-SCREEN LIVINGLinear TV watching continues to rise; The secondscreen can be used to complement the firstAcross CEEMEA, 52% watch live television through anonline deviceOn-demand viewing driven by the younger generation46% in our sample own a smartphone and 21% atablet PC but watching TV content is still in its infancyTHE TV RETAINS ITS PROMINENT POSITION IN THE HOMEInternet activities by any means: watching live TV
  4. 4. DISCOVERY INSIGHTSThere is appetite to beable to watch TVcontent anywhere,anytime
  5. 5. DISCOVERY INSIGHTSTIME MAXIMISINGVIEWERS ARE INTERESTED IN NEW PRODUCTS TO ACCESS CONTENTInterest in a device that automatically recordedTV shows that might be of interest66% would be interested in adevice or service that couldautomatically record TV showsthat might be of interest
  6. 6. DISCOVERY INSIGHTSTIME MAXIMISINGTHERE IS AN EMERGING MARKET FOR BITE SIZED CONTENT FOR THE SECON D SCREENWatching TV clips on your mobile phone“I think media snacking is where TV expands itsreach. So you can grab five minutes of last nightssoap opera when youre on the train to work, orgrab a quick twenty minutes at your work station atlunch time.”David Brennan, Media Native
  7. 7. DISCOVERY INSIGHTSDespite the explosionof social media, expertsources remain strongin viewing decisions
  8. 8. DISCOVERY INSIGHTSINFLUENCE & SOCIAL TVA MIX OF EXPERT AND PERSONALRECOMMENDATION COULD DRIVEVIEWERSHIP“You’ll pick up your tablet or smartphone and you’llsee a new fangled programme guide that gives youa list based on trusted authority, what friends areviewing, things that the server recommends for youbased on your profile and also what’s popular …and you’ll be able to watch it on every device.”Anthony Rose, ZeeboxFactors that influence what to watch on TV
  9. 9. DISCOVERY INSIGHTSINFLUENCE & SOCIAL TVSOCIAL MEDIA IS PROVIDING AVALUABLE ACCOMPANIMENT TO TVCONTENT“Many people in TV don’t see the internet as anopportunity, they just see a threat, the threat ofdisruption, but actually it all plays to television’sstrengths, which is why TV survived all thetechnologies that were meant to kill it.”David Brennan, Media NativeTalking about programmes via social networking siteswhile watching TV
  10. 10. DISCOVERY INSIGHTSOver 630,000 fans4th biggest international page for DiscoveryPart of an integrated digital platformThe social version of the TV channelRegular campaigns to engage fans and promoteprogrammingOrganic growth based on rich & exclusivecontentDISCOVERY GOES SOCIALCASE STUDY – FACEBOOK IN ROMANIA
  11. 11. DISCOVERY INSIGHTSDiscovery designed an app for onlineengagement during TV shows – Discovery SocialTVWe used it to promote the premiere of “BuildingThe Shard”, an exclusive documentaryUsers would enter the app to get companioninformation and discuss the episode whilewatching itThe incentive was the possibility to win an iPadThe app was promoted on-air and on Discovery’sonline assets (FB, Twitter, websites)DISCOVERY SOCIAL TVLIVE ENGAGEMENT APP
  12. 12. DISCOVERY INSIGHTSThe show had no promotion on air or throughother channels; we relied only on the FB app2,728 new page likes (1,712 on day of premiere -July 5th)Over 4000 users installed the app, with a 72%conversion rate+142% of Prime Time average and 183% higherratings than the last 4 Thursday evenings at thattime (10 PM)DISCOVERY SOCIAL TVRESULTS
  13. 13. DISCOVERY INSIGHTSMedia-meshing compliments linear TV viewing,which continues to riseNew platforms help us create a more complexexperience for the viewerTime maximising is a key – the most recent example of howdigital video content can complement traditionalTV and create an appetite for DiscoveryIt’s all about the content!DISCOVERY EXPERIENCECONCLUSIONS