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What is GOV.UK slideshare (1)


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What is GOV.UK slideshare (1)

  1. What is theGOV.UK beta?
  2. The frst step onour journey toimprovepublishing acrossGovernment
  3. (Transactions etcwill follow)
  4. GOV.UK
  5. Simpler, Clearer, Fasterservices for UsersSavings and Innovationfor Government
  6. In 2004 thegovernment webwent from alooselycoordinatedcollection ofwebsites...
  7. directgov businesslinkto something abit simpler...
  8. A tremendousachievement, directgov businesslinkwhich broughtenormousbenefts,but it’s timeto move onagain
  9. The web is now mainstreamUsers expect high quality serviceexperiencesAnd businesses know how todeliver them
  10. Small teams of world-classdevelopers, designers andmanagersTight control of experience designIterative, agile, user-focusedproduct development
  11. directgov businesslink directgov businesslinkWe’re goingfrom this...
  12. GOV.UK Mainstream Users & a singledomain Specialist Users & Needs
  13. GOV.UKpreviously Mainstreamcovered by Users &Directgov & NeedsBusiness Link Specialist Users & Needs
  14. GOV.UKpreviously Mainstreamcovered by Users &Directgov & NeedsBusiness Link‘Whitehall’ & Specialistspecialist & Users &technical Needs
  15. Mainstream Users &‘Learn it Needsonce’ design Specialist Users & Needs
  16. Mainstream Users &Easy to fnd Needswhat youwant Specialist Users & Needs
  17. Mainstream Users &Get things Needsdone quickly Specialist Users & Needs
  18. Simpler,Clearer,Faster MainstreamServices for Users &Users NeedsSavings and SpecialistInnovation Users &for NeedsGovernment
  19. That’s thevision MainstreamRight now, Users &we’ve Needscompletedthe beta of a Specialistsignifcant Users &subset of the Needscontent
  20. Onwards!