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Newcastle content meetup: import and export


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Lucy Hartley, GDS

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Newcastle content meetup: import and export

  1. 1. Content transformation project Lucy Hartley
  2. 2. GDSLucy Making things simpler for importers and exporters by starting with user needs
  3. 3. *GDSLucy Before: around 90 pages like this
  4. 4. *GDSLucy After: one page like this
  5. 5. GDSLucy Holly Lucy Paul Stephen Erik
  6. 6. GDSLucy What we learnt
  7. 7. GDSLucy Show the thing
  8. 8. GDSLucy Work in the open
  9. 9. GDSLucy People get excited
  10. 10. GDSLucy Service design
  11. 11. GDSLucy Start with user needs rather than government processes
  12. 12. GDSLucy What next?
  13. 13. GDSLucy Thanks
  14. 14. GDSLucy Import export prototype