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  1. 1. Ryan Battles
  2. 2. 2004 – a year of innovation – find a friend Photo CC licenced from
  3. 3. Photo CC licenced from f 2004 – a year of exploration – NASA’s postcard from Mars
  4. 4. 2004 – a year of orange! 2004 – the launch of Directgov, putting public services in one place
  5. 5. Directgov – what have been the drivers? Collaboration Convergence Communication Customer focus prioritising needs of the citizen, making it simpler and easier to access information joining up departments to focus on the needs of the citizen converging 95% of citizen content from hundreds of govt websites onto Directgov sharing best practices across govt, raising awareness via strategic partners & developing new comms channels as adopted by customers e.g. twitter and rapid rise of mobile
  6. 6. Directgov – today May 2004 419,000 Monthly visits Oct 2011 31m 1.7m Trust Mar 2011 77% Satisfaction Mar 2011 72% Key measures: Traffic, Trust and Satisfaction - strong but always room for improvement. How are we doing that....
  7. 7. Directgov – we will continue to listen Photo used with permission from ...By listening better. Opened up more channels for customer feedback like Twitter, Facebook and Comment on This Article where we are receiving appx 40,000 comments per month. Sharing this with Beta to build an even better website.