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ConCon Manchester: mapping user journeys


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Session 1: mapping user journeys - exercise
Persis Howe

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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ConCon Manchester: mapping user journeys

  1. 1. User journey maps
  2. 2. Fish eating each other: image by Rebecca Cottrell
  3. 3. Horizontal axis = time Time
  4. 4. The horizontal axis has phases, activities, steps
  5. 5. Vertical axis = ? Whatever layers you need
  6. 6. Your journey can be: ● as-is ● future
  7. 7. Patent application (happy path)
  8. 8. Tax credits user journey
  9. 9. Activity: ●in groups ●map out the hypothetical, as-is user journey for someone who wants to visit the UK, and needs a visa [ 20 mins ]
  10. 10. Why do you want to come to the UK?
  11. 11. ●What questions do they have? ●What do they need to do? ●What do they need to know? ●How long does it take? ●What exists on GOV.UK now? ●What information is not on GOV.UK? ●How do different bits of the journey make them feel?
  12. 12. Who owns what?
  13. 13. What user research goes where? ● lab research ● desk research using forums ● Google analytics ● guerilla research ● other (what?)
  14. 14. Who should watch user research?