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ConCon Manchester: how to work better with GDS


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Session 3: how to work better with GDS
Liz Lutgendorff and Jon Sanger

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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ConCon Manchester: how to work better with GDS

  1. 1. GDS Liz Lutgendorff Senior programme analyst Government Digital Service @sillypunk GDS
  2. 2. GDS Jon Sanger Content product lead Government Digital Service @VonSangertron GDS
  3. 3. GDS How to work better with GDS
  4. 4. GDS How does the GOV.UK content team work?
  5. 5. GDS There are 4 parts to the GOV.UK content team
  6. 6. GDS Request for updates come via a support ticket
  7. 7. GDS
  8. 8. GDS We monitor Zendesk on a rota basis
  9. 9. GDS The 10-minute rule
  10. 10. GDS Our backlog is prioritised by: ● deadline ● effect on users ● age of request
  11. 11. GDS Fact check received 2i review Ready Published Out for fact check Draft Amends needed
  12. 12. GDS How many tickets? In 2015, the content team received: ● 5,545 content changes and advice ● 954 for training and accounts ● 1,816 public tickets 8,215 in total.
  13. 13. GDS
  14. 14. GDS
  15. 15. GDS
  16. 16. GDS
  17. 17. GDS
  18. 18. GDS
  19. 19. GDS We all work better with good change requests
  20. 20. GDS How would you write the request?
  21. 21. GDS 15 minutes to write the change request
  22. 22. GDS Now pass your request to another table, we’ll see if they can understand it
  23. 23. GDS How well was your request understood?
  24. 24. GDS Your cheat codes
  25. 25. GDS Evidence wins the day
  26. 26. GDS Know your content product lead
  27. 27. GDS Andy Keen: businesses and the self-employed, employing people, commercial driving and specialist transport, energy, environment and countryside, competition and innovation, intellectual property, defence and the armed forces
  28. 28. GDS John Turnbull: personal tax, education and learning, housing and local services, disability, births, deaths and marriages, culture and international development
  29. 29. GDS Jon Sanger: visas, immigration, driving as a citizen, debt, medicine and health, devolved administrations and regions, national statistics, crime, justice and the law
  30. 30. GDS Gwen Cheeseman: work, jobs, pensions, citizenship and living in the UK, living abroad, passports, travel, the Civil Service, running government
  31. 31. GDS
  32. 32. GDS
  33. 33. GDS Yes, you can suggest wording
  34. 34. GDS Real deadlines only
  35. 35. GDS Conversations don’t have to start with Zendesk
  36. 36. GDS We do actually have phones
  37. 37. GDS Come and work with us
  38. 38. GDS If we don’t know who’s right, we can test
  39. 39. GDS
  40. 40. GDS
  41. 41. GDS Don’t be afraid to explain the complicated things
  42. 42. GDS Sign up with our user researchers: Andrea Lewis and Natalie Baron
  43. 43. GDS Keep talking
  44. 44. GDS Liz Lutgendorff @sillypunk Jon Sanger @VonSangertron GDS