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SPRINT 13 Working towards a digital environment - Brian Etheridge CBE, Department for Transport and Digital Leader


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SPRINT 13 Working towards a digital environment - digital partnerships and leadership - Brian Etheridge CBE, CBE, Department for Transport and Digital Leader

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SPRINT 13 Working towards a digital environment - Brian Etheridge CBE, Department for Transport and Digital Leader

  1. 1. DfT - working towards a digital environment Brian Etheridge CBEManaging Director, Motoring Services and DfT Digital Leader
  2. 2. • Understanding our business• Our achievements so far• Our ambition and future challenges
  3. 3. Our Agencies and what they do• 5,300 staff• 44 million driver and 36 million vehicle records held• 2.18m driving licences issued each year• £6 billion a year collected in car tax + £38 million in fines• 130 million transactions and enquiries a yearFunctions include:• Maintaining accurate records of drivers and vehicles• Collecting car tax revenue for HMT
  4. 4. Our Agencies and what they do• 2,400 staff (many of them Driving Standards mobile) Agency• 1.5 million theory tests a year• 1.6 million driving tests a yearKey Functions:• Carrying out driving tests• Regulating driving instructors• Improving road safety
  5. 5. DVLA digital take upVehicle Services • Automated First Registration and Licensing = 93% • Electronic Vehicle Licensing = 54% • PO Assisted Digital = 33% • Personalised Registration Marks 97%Drivers Services • First Driving Licence = 32% • Duplicate Licence = 47% • Replacement Licence = 29% • Exchange Paper Licence for Photo Card = 83% • Renewal over 70 = 21% • Ten Year Renewal (TYR) of Driving Licence - Online = 17% - PO Assisted Digital = 28%
  6. 6. Electronic Vehicle Licensing (EVL)• Flagship digital service for Government• Licensing (taxing) a car or declaring it off road (SORN)• 24/7 service• 2m transactions every month = £2.25 billion revenue to HMT a month• Over half of all tax discs bought online (including on Christmas day!)• 23.3 million digital car tax renewals last year• The 30% carried out at Post Offices are sent digitally to DVLA
  7. 7. Driver Licensing Online• DVLA on-line Service where customers can apply for a range of Drivers transactions• First Licence Application on-line service interfaces with DWP, IPS and Experian to verify identity• Take up rate for First Application 32% and rising• 7.7 million licences issued via on-line service to date• 2.18 million licences issued via online in 2011/12• 180,000 licences issued per month
  8. 8. DSA Services• 2.7m practical test booking transactions p.a. – 87% online• 1.9m theory test booking transactions p.a. - 89% online• 2012: Booking services fully modernised and mobile enabled• Following successful training, 750k professional drivers are automatically sent driver qualification card = Digital No Stop Shop• 96% of 660k new licences are automatically issued annually
  9. 9. DfT digital ambition• increasing the quality/take up of existing digital services• bringing more services online and removing barriers to entry• providing assisted digital help to all those who need it• Dramatically improving our digital working (including enhancing our skills and capabilities)• Improving/re-designing ICT platforms• Completing the move to GOV.UK
  10. 10. Future challenges• Knowing what we don’t know – how far can we take this = thinking in a different way• Keeping pace with new digital solutions• Balancing the customer experience with legal/operational requirements• Working with GDS on ‘look and feel’ of transactions e.g. EVL screens• Designing for increasingly mobile customers• Realising the savings
  11. 11. Further information DfT Departmental contact: Alan RiderDfT Digital Policy and CIO Office