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DigCurV Newsletter Issue 2


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Published in: Education, Business
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DigCurV Newsletter Issue 2

  1. 1. DigCurVs 6-monthly eNewsletter! Follow on Twitter Forward to a Friend Ahead of the CurV March 2012 - Issue 2 The last few months have been exciting ones for DigCurV. We have been analysing surveys that dealt with investigating existing opportunities for training in digital curation as well as the demand for training from staff working in cultural and other institutions. The results highlight that as more and more institutions are collecting digital materials, they are asking their staff to take on new roles in managing these collections. Our surveys suggestExpert Advice: that while there is a lack of training courses, the demandJoy Davidson for training – particularly introductory training and training for trainers -- is high. In such difficult economic times it isAn Interview with JoyDavidson exciting to see new jobs emerging in this area and it willDigital Curation Centre be important to provide the right platform for training and(DCC), UK skills development. Read MoreBy Laura MolloyJoy Davidson is the AssociateDirector of the JISC-fundedDigital Curation Centre (DCC)in the UK. The DCC - now inits third phase of activity - is aworld-leading centre ofexpertise in digital informationcuration with a focus onbuilding capacity, capabilityand skills for research datamanagement (RDM) acrossthe UKs higher educationresearch community. ReadMore Putting the Focus on CURATE: The Practitioners: Digital Curator Focus Group GameSpotlight on Findings By Katie McCaddenDigCurV By Chiara Cirinna (FRD) with DigCurV piloted ‘The GamePartner Claudia Engelhardt (UGOE) of the Digital Curation DigCurV conducted a series Lifecycle,’ at the DigitalUniversity of Goettingen,Germany of focus groups in five Strategies for HeritageBy Claudia Engelhardt & countries in throughout Conference 2011 as a novelStefan Strathmann (UGOE) Autumn 2011 to identify the way to explore with curatorsGöttingen State and skills and competences their changing roles due toUniversity Library is one of needed for digital the need to create, managethe largest libraries in preservation and curation and and curate digital objects.Germany. Since itsfoundation in 1734, it has discuss the need for Read Moredeveloped in close relation to vocational education andthe Georg-August-Universität training in this field.Göttingen. A research library Participants brainstormedfrom its inception, it has built ideal job profiles for theup collections of both national varied roles in the digitaland international significance.Read More curation field. Read More If you have some news on training and continuing professional development in digital curation that you would like to share in our next issue, please contact Training Opportunities By Vilma Karvelyte, Nijole To learn more about the Klingaite & Jurate Kupriene project, visit www.digcur- (VUL) In November 2011, DigCurV launched a profile of training DigCurV is funded by the opportunities on the project European Commissions website. The profile is a result Lifelong Learning Leonardo of a Survey of Training da Vinci programme. Opportunities conducted in Spring 2011. Read More Copyright © 2011 DigCurv. All rights reserved. This project hasbeen funded with support from the European Commission.