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English.sucess cases lauching chevrolet spark


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English.sucess cases lauching chevrolet spark

  1. 1. Name: Chevrolet Spark LaunchingClient: Chevrolet/MSCARService: Special Mission – Spark Académico Challenge
  2. 2. Goals:• Promote the worth of mouth in the university campus• Create visibility to Chevrolet Spark• Increase the number of fans of MSCAR facebook page• Generate viral buzzCase:Do the launching of the new Chevrolet Spark in Algarve using an innovativestrategy to promote it and complementing the national marketing strategy. It’sa city car, with a modern design, an utilitarian car with a low cost price from 9thousand euros.
  3. 3. Solution:It was structured the launching into 3 phases. At a first phase, we createdawareness around Spark. At the second phase, we engaged the target withthe Chevrolet Spark. We did continuing marketing initiatives at the campus atthe third phase just to keep the Spark presence alive.However, the second phase it was the most relevant and the strategy centre,because it consisted on the Spark Académico Challenge.We established a partnership with the Students Association of AlgarveUniversity to launch Chevrolet Spark.
  4. 4. Solution:Phase 1 - TeasingThe Chevrolet Spark was the official sponsor of the celebration party of theStudents Association 25th anniversary . The Chevrolet Spark was exposed infornt of the party entrance.This phase was really important to create the first impact between the target andthe Spark and to attract participants to the Spark Académico Challenge.During a week we did the product marketing activation on campus. This initiativehad a public relations team to promote the challenge, teasing remote cars,promotional radio spots at Cidade FM, glue posters at the campus bars andcopy centers ground. Some Chevrolet Spark cars was availables for test dirvenext to the campus canteen. Watch the links below:!/video/video.php?v=111209518891625!/video/video.php?v=112134085465835
  5. 5. Solution:Phase 2 – Spark Académico ChallengeWe offer 2 tickets to Rock in Rio Lisbon, with five stars hotel and the winnerhad also the chance to drive the Chevrolet Spark till the festival.At the applications phase, the candidates had no clue idea about thechallenge they should surpass. Attracted by the award, and responding to theclaim “Do you want to go to Rock in Rio? MSCAR takes you there!”, thecandidates went to the MSCAR facebook page, had become page fans andsaid why should be choosen.They were selected the five finalists more convincing and facebook populars.The finalists were challenged to drive the Chevrolet Spark into their socialcircle during one day and take a 2 minutes free video with Spark.During one week, the 5 videos was under voting at facebook. It won the videowith more facebook users showing agreement with their “likes”. Watch thelinks below:!/note.php?note_id=396379754900!/note.php?note_id=388382494900
  6. 6. Solution:Phase 3 – Brand continuity strategyTo keep the Chevrolet Spark brand active, we sponsor the Academic Festivalat Algarve University. Some promotional video spots were shown on thegigant LED at the place. The Chevrolet Spark was exposed on the side andthe Spark Académico Challenge winner received the award at the stage.To finlize, the Spark was the official sponsor of the first roller cars competitionin Algarve, the Roller Challenge, organized by the Academic StudentsAssociation of Algarve University. Watch the link below:!/note.php?note_id=397899664900
  7. 7. Results: • More than 500 new fans on the MSCAR facebook page just in one week • Around an hundred candidates applied to Spark Académico Challenge • The five videos of the Spark Académico Challenge had a total of 50000 views. • The MSCAR facebook page had around 5000 views in two weeksIt was during the Spark Académico Challenge that the viral boom reached the top. It was from 22 March till 30 April 2010. 
  8. 8. Results:• The MSCAR represents 17 car brands in Algarve, and during all the year,the Chevrolet Spark was the car with more sales.• A new publicated with ¼ of page on the regional newspaper “O Algarve” thatis distributed in Algarve with the bigger national newspaper “Expresso”.Watch the link below: