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English.casos de sucesso foto impacto


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English.casos de sucesso foto impacto

  1. 1. Name: Foto Impacto 2010 – Road SafetyClient: MSCARService: Social Impact
  2. 2. Goals:• Media coverage• To pass a socially responsible message to community• Join the employers around a cause• To reach potencial customers• Promoting the MSCAR core business• Attrack people to visit the showroomCase:Create one initiative to accomplish the goals, something aligned with the CSRprogram of MSCAR focused in education and prevention. The initiative mayalso promote the MSCAR as a sales and automobile maintenance importantmarket player.
  3. 3. Solution:In order to promote the core business of MSCAR, we decided to structure achallenge around road safety as a cause, in the Road Safety National Day.The solution was a regional challenge of photopraphy to create awareness toroad safety. The best pictures were exposed in MSCAR showroom.
  4. 4. Solution:It established a partnership within MSCAR and ALFA (the photographersassociation in Algarve with 300 members). We didn’t created any award andthe Foto Impact 2010 was positioned as a social responsability of allcommunity. The claim “Take a picture, save a life!” was promoted near toMSCAR employers, ALFA photogrephers, MSCAR clients and all communityin Algarve.At the Exposition Oppening Ceremony, we did a cocktail with guest list. Someoutstanding people were there as Macário Correia, Faro’s mayor, and SilvaGomes, the regional representant of the portuguese government.
  5. 5. Results:• Give institucional notoriety to MSCAR.• Received around 80 applicant pictures.• More than 1000 showroom visits during the exposition month.• Created brand empathy with all the stakeholders.• The iniciative reached more than 50000 persons (by email, media, posters,site, word-of-mouth, sms, showroom visits and social networks)• One 6 minutes published at Digital Mais TV (the regional online tv with moreaudeince in Algarve). Watch the link below:
  6. 6. Results:• A notice published in the newspaper POSTAL do Algarve (the regionalnewspaper with more audience online and offline at Algarve, delivered withthe national newspaper Público in Algarve).• Highlight notice from the MSCAR newsletter.