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GCC e-Tourism Conference - Knowing you customer, understanding and learning with social media


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GCC e-Tourism Conference Knowing you customer, understanding and learning with social media

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GCC e-Tourism Conference - Knowing you customer, understanding and learning with social media

  1. 1. GCC e-Tourism ConferenceKnowing you customer, understanding and learning with social mediaDecember 18-20, 2012 in Millennium Plaza Hotel, Dubai, UAEDieter Hovorka dieter@dreamtek.tvSolution Consulting +971 56 101 2480
  2. 2. e-Tourist or e-Human or Human
  3. 3. DREAMTEK GROUP OF COMPANIES Creative Communications & Solutions @ Enterprise Level The Software Experts The Digital Agency The Video Experts
  4. 4. CONNECTING PARTNERS FOR VALUES Creative Communication Consulting Services
  5. 5. Complete Online / Digital Marketing A/B Testing Smart device Web Contact Segmentation ALead Vendor D Vendor Conversion Engagement Personalization Brand Vendor C WxMVendor B E-Mail Analytics Social Forum Community
  6. 6. What we do – iPhone Airport App
  7. 7. What we do – iOS City Guide
  8. 8. What we do – Facebook App
  9. 9. What we do – iPhone Ramadan App
  10. 10. Our VisionEmpower government to deliver and optimize successful citizien-centric service across multiple channels with an EnterpriseMarketing Solution (EMS) approach and convey a more effectivesite visitor experience with a fully integrated CustomerExperience Management (CxM) solution.
  11. 11. How do we do it 1. We follow Trends 2. Utilize Social Support
  12. 12. 1 Don’t Swim Against TrendsSocial Media Marketing Trends 2012
  13. 13. Digital Media in Marketing Engaging content is a must for all organizations which have the need to catch the attention of their clients and stay in dialogue with their audience. Digital Media allows us to appear in a compelling spotlight
  14. 14. Engagingcitizenswill be achallenge.
  15. 15. Audience will be in control.
  16. 16. Social media monitoringgets even more important.
  17. 17. Community managementis important to engage people.
  18. 18. Social media and personalcommunications will be mobile.
  19. 19. Integrating websites withsocial technology.
  20. 20. Social Commerce Friend’s recommen- dations are the most powerful sales triggers. Businesses will use that by integrating shopping to social networks and using social connect in their e-commerce sites.
  21. 21. Location! Location! Location!
  22. 22. Measuring results! (ROI) The guys upstairs want to know how much of that investment are they going to get back. Models of measuring social media marketing effectiveness will emerge.
  23. 23. Campaigns spanningfrom offline to social.
  24. 24. The Oil of Today - Data Knowing your audience is a must to make personalized content. Keeping the dialogue to between your citizen and your organization is a must so success. Still 80% of all web-sites did not have personalized content in 2011.
  25. 25. 2 Utilize Social Support
  26. 26. citizens are social… 63% 60% 55%“I search forothers with 46% “I wantsimilar problems “I want interaction information toonline when I with peers “I want product services andneed help” on Facebook” knowledge” community”
  27. 27. …public sector are not there yet.63% 60% 55% 46% 25% 29% 9% 22%Citizens Citizens Citizens Citizens wantsearch for others want interaction want product information toonline with with peers on knowledge” services andsimilar problems Facebook communitywhen they needhelp citizens government
  28. 28. bottom line:citizens want more governments online… better deeperexperiences engagement (with each other and the government)purposeful greaterinteraction reward
  29. 29. 4 ways to close the gap 1 2 3 4peer-to-peer social ideation gamificationengagement supportYour citizens Citizens expect Citizens want to Your citizenswant to talk to help online fast— contribute— want recognitioneach other— give it to them. ask them for their and reward—givemake it easy for ideas. them ways tothem. level up.
  30. 30. Governments can save a fortune by serving citizens on lower cost channels source: Forrester Research
  31. 31. deliver better value and service $ Savings Scalability Satisfaction call deflection increase in agent increase in NPS efficiency
  32. 32. integrates social into your broader customer care strategy community .com infused website CRM problem searchquestion idea tribal response i have a knowledge social media
  33. 33. build a positive reinforcement loop community answers majority of questions CRM unanswered questions are escalated to expert employeesanswer is delivered searchto 1000s ofcustomers throughsearch customer has a positive service experience
  34. 34. social support solution reduce support costs while increasing satisfaction increase contact center efficiency turn knowledge into a strategic business asset
  35. 35. provide excellent customer service improve the lives of agents solve save money customer 70% when customers problems improved succeed with faster time to self-service proficiency 50-60%up to 20% 20-35% improved time to improvement resolution in employee retention call deflection and satisfaction source: consortium for service innovation. Report on consortium member results after implementing knowledge centered support
  36. 36. join the social customer experiencelistenrespond forums blogs reviews q&a surveys integrate identity &engage contests reputation engine groups videoenhance ideas knowledge
  37. 37. summary Know- how • Local market presence • International partners • Lifecycle of media • Digital Content Experts Platform Solutions • Complete Marketing Solution • Social importance growing • Quick implementation • Best practice • Large reference baseDieter Hovorka,, +971 56 101 2480
  38. 38. IMAGINE. The implications.
  39. 39. Mission Social Space