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Making VR Webby


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What makes the web webby? How can we make VR take advantage of this?

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Making VR Webby

  1. 1. Making VR Webby @diekus @samsunginternet Diego González-Zúñiga, PhD (@diekus) Samsung Research UK FrankenJS
  2. 2. Android browser. Chromium based. Standards compliant. Evergreen. PWA. WebVR @samsunginternet
  3. 3. VR Linkability Shared context User Choice Asks your permission Privacy-friendly Accessible Cross-Platform Open Low latency Immersive Can track orientation Can track position 360 media Different input methods
  4. 4. What difference does this make in traditional “non-traditional” experiences?
  5. 5. What difference does this make in traditional “non-traditional” experiences?
  6. 6. VRTranquilitie, collaboration between NTU Singapore and Samsung Internet Paris, June 2017
  7. 7. social reach ubiquitous/immediate discoverability
  8. 8. idea behind WebVR ++-> headset**mobile*browserContent socialreach ubiquitous/immediatediscoverability
  9. 9. WebVR What is WebVR? WebVR is a JavaScript API for creating immersive 3D, Virtual Reality experiences in your browser. It provides access to VR devices. socialreach ubiquitous/immediatediscoverability
  10. 10. VR Experience Access to cloud data (noise pollution) Physical Web (beacon) QR Codes to different places socialreach ubiquitous/immediatediscoverability
  11. 11. Physical Web socialreach ubiquitous/immediatediscoverability
  12. 12. Google VR SDK (iOS/Android/Unity) Oculus Mobile SDK Viveport SDK (Android/Windows) WebVR Widest delivery network in existence: the Web socialreach ubiquitous/immediatediscoverability Cost of entry for simple experiences for consumers translates to access to a browser in a device.
  13. 13. source: * Compatible with WebVR socialreach ubiquitous/immediatediscoverability
  14. 14. socialreach ubiquitous/immediatediscoverability
  15. 15. -Hey! Check out this 360° pic I took on my holidays! -unlock phone. -navigate home screen to get to App Store. -open App Store. -click on search. -type the name of a 360° pic player. -click install. -wait till it downloads. -search for app icon on home screen. -click on app icon. -load picture. -view. socialreach ubiquitous/immediatediscoverability
  16. 16. Hey! Check out this 360° pic I took on my holidays! Shares link. socialreach ubiquitous/immediatediscoverability
  17. 17. You want to break free • Pre-approved content. • Closed environment. • Only most downloaded apps are featured prominently. • Restrictive policies. • Huge amount of friction. • No search engine discoverability. “ ” …Seriously?
  18. 18. Frictionless • (back of the Hollywood sign) • (relaxing beach in Costa Rica) • (waterfall in Costa Rica) • (Gardens by the Bay Singapore) socialreach ubiquitous/immediatediscoverability
  19. 19. socialreach ubiquitous/immediatediscoverability Networked A-Frame WebRTC PEERJS Also available:
  20. 20. But wait… there’s more.
  21. 21. Web Audio Different sources like media from page, live mic streams, oscillator sounds Panning effects for spatialized sound
  22. 22. Game Pad API Game Pad Extensions API
  23. 23. Progressive Enhancement Content that adapts to the platform it is displayed on is accessible and elegant. You can go from an ‘engaging’ magic window to a full 6-DoF experience.
  24. 24. -ise it. From the browser to your home screen to your headset. Independent of network and connectivity. Frictionless experiences by design. Preload Assets (Audio, Video)
  25. 25. From a physical object to the browser to your home screen to your headset.
  26. 26. What about the Web on VR? 2- New workflows1- New browsers 3- New axis
  27. 27. 1- New browsers
  28. 28. 2- New workflows
  29. 29. 3- New axis source: Josh Carpenter, Google
  30. 30. It’s not a brand “thing”, it’s a web standards “thing”.
  31. 31. Accessible platform for creatives, developers and makers #AvaBeakerBurial Collaboration with Archaeologist Maya Hoole, Project Manager of the Achavanich Beaker Burial Project
  32. 32. The web has been around for 25 years. It’s not going anywhere. -D.Appelquist
  33. 33. There has never been more innovation in the web platform...
  34. 34. …but to foster it we need to keep it open. Collaboration, standards and openness are key.
  35. 35. Web + VR = • Democratize VR • Help commoditization of VR • Can use a flexible tech stack • Enable innovative experiences socialreac h ubiquitous/immediat e discoverabilit y
  36. 36. Useful Links • @samsunginternet • samsunginternet • /samsunginternet • samsunginternet • • •
  37. 37. Making VR Webby @diekus @samsunginternet Diego González-Zúñiga, PhD Samsung Research UK FrankenJS